Master Key Experience Week 2

This right here is why we need more self directed thinkers in this world. Let your golden light shine all!!

Dave's Master Key Journey

Looking for gold…

Photo by Vladislav Nikonov on Unsplash

Does anyone have a jackhammer I can borrow?

This concrete shell that I’ve been trapped inside for so long seems dang-near impenetrable!

But I’m starting to notice some stress fractures.

No jackhammer? Fine, I’ll take a hammer and chisel if I have to… Heck, a spoon if that’s all you’ve got to offer!

As I work through Week 2, I’m recognizing just how deep-set the old blueprint is.

#16 in this week’s lesson really jumped out at me. It’s a poignant reminder of the years I’ve allowed my conscious mind to abuse my subconscious – which has only returned what it was told to do.

Subby has only shaped my life to exactly what my conscious mind allowed through. It didn’t judge. It just accepted unconditionally what it was fed and manifested the results.

To the subconscious, whatever is allowed through…

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Master Keys Week 1

Aloha and welcome to my Master Keys week 1 blog post.  I would like to feature one of my friends Monique.  Please read her re-cap of her week one master key experience and remember to leave us a comment.  Mahalo !!!

Where do I begin? This is a week of firsts…. FIRST blog post… FIRST time reading The Greatest Salesman in the World… Yes…I read. I just haven’t read this much on a daily other than Yahoo! or something like that in a very long time. I try and get lost in TV rather than reading… But that’s another story…. My point is that it’s been a HARD week of going through the PROCESS daily to re-write my BLUEPRINT and establish new HABITS!!!!

So, this week begins the opportunity for new beginnings/firsts…. Like I said/wrote, this is my FIRST read of this glorious book…. We are supposed to read The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day. I found that I’ve read morning and night(aloud). I love the first Scroll!!! I know that this begins establishing the HABIT. So why can’t I get the “lunch” reading in my day.. Maybe because I don’t get a “lunch”. But that will not stop me from still trying to establish the third reading. This HABIT will just take longer to establish!! I know this is important but I’ve decided not to beat myself up over this, as it is a PROCESS.

Lately I’ve been understanding or realizing that EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is a PROCESS. Sometimes I want to believe that, just like Beyoncé’s song, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!!! But, I didn’t just get here, right now, in this MOMENT, just like this…. I have gone through so many PROCESSES, so many that I don’t even know or give myself credit…. I’ve underestimated what I’m capable of ACHIEVING!!! I’ve been selling myself short!! Don’t mean to sound preachy but I guess I am!!!! This is a PROCESS!!! LIFE is a PROCESS!!! I’ve been hurrying thru so fast, thru LIFE, that I don’t PRAISE myself for getting thru the PROCESS!! WHATEVER it happens to be at the TIME!!!

One of my chihuahua’s, there’s Charity and Faith, so Charity had patellar surgery, which was worsening, in order to not go lame in that leg. It was a PROCESS to get better and heal. She could run around, jump or do anything strenuous for 4 weeks. NOTHING!!! It’s been about 2 months and she started to neglect that leg despite the reparative surgery. The Vet said that she remembers the pain and because she doesn’t want to go through it again, she’s decided not to use that leg. So now I  do exercises with her to unLEARN her HABIT in order to let her know she’s OK. That her leg is PERFECTLY healthy and she won’t re-injure herself. I’ve gone thru her PROCESS with her.

So, here comes this assignment and I think, “Where do I begin?” And, here I AM!! I’m going thru THE PROCESS. And, unlike so many times before, I will ENJOY this PROCESS. I will take one agonizingly educational BABY step at a time!!!

Week 1 – Here we are again….

Aloha everyone….

WOW, has this first week been been busy…but fun…or WHAT???

I mean, learning how to blog for the first time….I remember it like it was yesterday.  The anxiety of what to say, how to actually post it and WILL THY LIKE IT????  Just like being back in school.  How ironic is that?  Our whole first week is like the the first week of school.

THEN…we have to get our sit in every day….how can I sit still and settle my body along with my mind?

And then…there is the daily readings….that isn’t just once a day but for several of them 3 times a day and at least one needs to be out loud.

Let’s not forget our writing and re-writing our DMP’s.  How do we know what our heart’s desire is, what are we meant to be????

PHEW….where did our week one go?

Who ever thought that we could change our work by simply changing how we think?


We all have done a great job this week, writing our DMP’s, re-writing our DMP’s, blogging and doing all of our readings.

You all need to CONGRATULATE yourselves!!  You have all remained in harmony, had a commitment to everything that is required of you this week, whether you understood or knew how to do these requirements.  Essentially, you have all survived RUSH week of the MKMMA Experience.

KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK…..Congratulate yourselves for completing these few things and staying in harmony.

See you on the Sunday webbie….and remember…..BELIEVE and SHINE ON!!!


Dan & Jeanna

WEEK 24…Looking for Harmony….try looking here first

Aloha friends and welcome back to our week 24 Master Key Master Mind Alliance Blog.  This week’s assignment was for each of us in this course to find and observe  examples of  harmony in our lives.

Ok, so far so good.  This sounds easy enough, right?  So, where does one even start to look for things in harmony?  Our first example could be found all around us.  We might just “stop and smell the roses”.  We can observe harmony in all of natural.  I would be safe to say that one will find and can observe harmony in the many different flowers that we grow in our gardens, the many different types of birds that fly in the air. The different types of seasons that provide us with many different types of weather. Natural can truly be thought of as being full of great examples of being harmony with us.  So where else can we find and observe harmony in our lives?  How about in the music that we listen to?  Now Lead Zeppelin may not be a good example for us, but we may find a sense of harmony as we listen to {and maybe even enjoy} someone like Beethoven or Chopin.

These are some of my favorites.

We can also find that the 3 chords of “C” are a really great examples of musical harmony.

Art / color is another great venue that we will find harmony. Now this goes out to ALL the Interior Designers out there..:}  Right Chooo??  We find that color harmony and the understanding of color harmony in our lives is on the rise within the Interior Design Community.  Blending the correct hue of color with the correct lumens of light will create a space were harmony can be found. Just think back to a time when you may have been inside your doctor’s office or a massage therapy room. How peaceful and harmonious did you feel?

We can thank our favorite Interior Designer for their keen knowledge of their color harmony skill set.

The last place where we can find “harmony” is…….within !!

We can find  and even appreciate harmony without { outside of us } ONLY if we will find harmony within.  Remember our “cause and effect”?  What we think about, we bring about.  As we become more in harmony “within”, we will find harmony in all of nature, music and in the arts even in our daily and personal relationships.  B A M !!

As our class prepares for our Sunday commencement, let us all remember that we can continue to “stay in harmony” within as we also continue to let our light shine! Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine.  SO SHINE ON FRIENDS……SHINE ON :}

A HUGE MAHALO goes out to all of our classmates for their continued encouragement, support and kind words that we have received during this course.  You all will be remembered.  Also…A VERY SPECIAL MAHALO goes out to ……the MKMMA team.  Your tiredness efforts and long hours putting all this together, has been a great example of staying in harmony with our class.  YOU GUYS / GALS ROCK !!  See all of you this May for the live event.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog.  Please leave us your comments.

D.T.M.  and J.T.W.  GO NAVY !!

Week 23 The Law of Least Effort.

Aloha friends and welcome back to our week 23 MKMMA reflections. This week we had learned about “The Law of Least Effort”.  I will share my “observations” on how this law was found and applied during my week.  I have to admit, at first, I thought that “The World’s Laziest Networker” could some how be found somewhere with in this law :}

First off, we must remember from our MKMMA course that there are three parts of this law. 1} Acceptance   2}  Responsibility   3}  Defenselessness

In the first part of our new law is Acceptance. Simply stated, we must accept things for the way they are and NOT for how we would want them to be. For when we fight against this moment, we are fighting against the universe. OMG !! How many times during our week has just this first part of acceptance challenged us?  IE, while I traveled to the east coast for our business, and for the U.S. Navy this week, I was assigned what some would call….pre WW II berthing. Now I could have “pulled rank” in this situation.  After all DTM here has 30 years in the U.S. Navy and I could have firmly requested that I be placed in a newer building with  better accommodations. But just then I remembered that simple little phrase…….when you fight against this moment, you fight against the universe. I “accepted” my room accommodations and went on my way. I took “responsibility” {the second part of the law.  We have the ability to respond differently to any situation} for my response to that situation and I became defenseless { the third part of the law. Stop defending your point of view}

Another great example for me this week was when I reported to my work station for the Navy.  I was greeted with a hello and welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.  I was then told that I was going to be instructing a group of civilian workers as well as a group of  Navy personnel  on several different safety and work standard qualifications that had expired and were needed to have recertified ASAP. WOW triple  B A M !!  I did not have any of my Navy Instructor Guides, Power Point slides or any handouts to facilitate these courses. Again, I could have pulled rank and said  “NOT ME BUDDY…I do not have any of my educational aids with me, find someone else”.  Instead, I accepted my role as lead instructor, took responsibility for how I responded to this  situation and once again, became defenseless and did not defend my point of view. I have since been reassigned to a much nicer room with much nicer accommodations.  I have also finished re-qualifying my class on those needed safety and work quals.  I even had time to get next weeks lesson plans done so that I am ready to go come Monday morning. B A M !!

It truly does take less effort to succeed then to fail.

Ok, now for the sad part. Next week’s blog maybe our last blog during our MKMMA course.  My wife Jeanna and I have learned so much from this class and we will miss everyone and all of your feed back and your support.  We have definitely become “self directed” from the MKMMA course. We truly appreciate Mark, Davene and Trish’s  inputs and their encouragement along our journey to becoming that “Self Directed” person.  We will continue to find three gratitudes daily. We will continue to do two random acts of kindness, along with our reading of our index cards and Og.  Who can go without their fifteen minutes of silence every day? Last but not least, we will continue to work out our bodies and then feed our minds with Hanaal, the reading of our Blue Print and the Guy / Gal in the Glass.  Lets keep connecting our MKMMA experience though out our daily lives and then watch our business and our lives become much more then we first had thought. Mahalo everyone !!!

Remember to keep shining and keep giving…..What a really cool feeling to have.


Week 22A – Self Directed or Self Distructive

Aloha and welcome friends, to yet another week 22A recap.  We are calling this week “Self Directed or Self Destructed” because this week those of us who are still taking Mark and Davene’s MKMMA course on Sunday or Monday.  We were kind of like sheep with their Shepard over yonder.

Before we talk about out self directed or self destructed.  Let’s talk about this.  This past week has been filled with all kinds of cool things happening for us personally and for our business.

Up to this point (well, actually we had one other week where we were self-directed) we have learned and applied our MKMMA Course Knowledge.  This week we either continue with our 3 Gratitudes, our random acts of kindness our “Silence Period” etc. or we at some level walked away from our new blueprint and walked right back to our old ways of thinking.  We still need to be our observed of our new life.

If we did walk away from all that we had worked so hard for these past 22 weeks.  We need to just get back in the game.  “Go all in ” again and learn just what caused us to walk away as W. Clement Stone would say…”And that’s good”.  We need to be our own OBSERVER.  It’s ok if we slip up…just get back in the game.  Keep punchin’, Keep goin’!!!



Week 22 – Answer the CALL

Hello everyone!!!  Welcome back to our weekly blog.  In Week 17 HJ we were introduced to something called  “The Hero’s Journey”.  Here, we touched lightly upon what the Hero’s Journey was AND how we all at some point in our lives actually commence on our own “Hero’s Journey”.

Well this week we are going to take a look at the Person who coined the phrase “Hero Journey”.  His life and some of the books that he authored.

The Hero’s of all time have already gone before us.  Campbell states:  We do not have to risk our “call our adventure” alone!

One of Campbell’s many quotes is “Follow Your Bliss”


Myths offer us clues and guides us, BUT it doesn’t tell us what we should be thinking!  This is where we become “Self Directed Thinkers”.Joseph-Campbell-Quotes-3

So…you may be asking, ok, DTM. How do we follow our bliss?”

Everyone of us at some point in our lives, feels like there just has to be something that was the start of your own personal journey.

We start our journey in finding our bliss and becoming self directed by these simple steps.

  1. We must find the time in our noisy, busy lives to be silent.  By being silent, we are able to hear what our hearts desire truly is. Our bliss, we must do this daily.  The more we sit still and are silent, the clearer we will hear our hearts true desire.
  2. Once we know what it is that our heart is telling us, we just have our own personal HJ.
  3. This is where we take off that mask that we have been wearing all this time.  We stop modeling our behavior after other proper roles and the status quo.  We must have be/love belief in our selves and their statuses.
  4. Once we know what is that our heart is telling us, we must have the courage to embrace on our own personal journey.
  5. Once we know what it is that our heart is telling us we must have the courage to embark on our own personal HJ.

This is were we take off that mask that we have been wearing all this time.  We stop modeling our behaviour on the other peoples roles and the status quo.  We must have belief in ourselves and that of our journey.

Once you start on your path, you will have a mentor’s help, along the way, but eventually you and only you can go through your dragons by yourself.

Now, before you do this, you will have all the necessary tools and knowledge to accomplish this.

Upon returning home, you will have found your true authentic self.  You will live life with purpose and on purpose.

Finding your bliss is like having it all!!



Week 21 – Get out of your “Comfort Zone”

Aloha and Welcome Back everyone to Week 21.  It sure has been another crazy week for us here in Milwaukee.  Week 21 shares with us the fact that we all have something called a “Comfort Zone”.

In our “Comfort Zone” we can find ourselves being somewhat “trapped”.  We are afraid of crossing our zone because of the unknown.  We have become our own reluctant hero.  I have a poem to read and reflect on.


I used to have a comfort zone where I knew I couldn’t fail.
The same four walls and busy work were really more like jail.
I longed so much, to do the things I’d never done before.
But stayed inside my “Comfort Zone” and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn’t matter that I wasn’t doing much.
I said I didn’t care for things like diamonds, furs and such.
I claimed to be so busy with things inside my zone;
but deep inside I longed for something special of my own.

I couldn’t let my life go by just watching others win.
I held my breath and stepped outside to let the change begin!
I took a step and with new strength I’d never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone “GOOD-BYE
I closed and locked the door.

If you are in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out,
remember that all winners were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile,
success is there for YOU!

WOW…not much more here I can say about our Comfort Zone.  I just would like to ask you to think back, think back to week 17HJ ad see if you can R2A2 this poem to your own Hero’s Journey.

We hope that this has inspired you to take a closer look at your own Comfort Zone and how you do have the power to change your life and the lives of your spouse, friends and family for the better.

Mahalo for stopping by.  See you next week.  Thank you for leaving a comment and as always….SHINE ON!!


Week 20 – Fox or Hedgehog

Are you a Fox or a Hedgehog?

Wow, is it just me or was this past week “crazy“?  I mean between running our family business, our day time jobs, the launch of another very cool “Go-90-Grow” course and of course our MKMMA studies.  Where has the week gone?  Do you feel the same way?

Now, if you are like most people, you probably have heard that busy people get things done.


Well, just how do “busy people” get-er done and still have time to spend with their families, spouses, friends, etc.?  I truly believe that it is because we know how to use and apply the 3 Concepts:

  1. The Hedgehog Concept
  2. Pareto’s Principle
  3. Paired Comparison

3 Concepts you say?

The “Hedgehog and the Fox” was a book first written by a man named Isaiah Berlin.

week 20 pic hedge hog book

This idea to divide writers and thinkers into two categories: hedgehogs, who view the world through the lens of a single defining idea and foxes who draw on a wide variety of experiences and for whom the world cannot be boiled down to a single idea.  Boy, if we haven’t been studying this all along…..come on, who could forget our new friends the

compass magnifying glass

Now, the hedgehog and the fox is a three-part tool that was and is used by many U.S. companies to help grow their business and to get things done.  So, what is this three-part plan or tool?

week 20 circle pic #2

The concept is really simple to understand.  80% of our scheduled time is spent at the intersection of all three of these circles.  How did we get the 80% number you ask?  Well that come from my good friend and economist Vilfredo Pareto.  Pareto noticed back in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.  Now this concept, the 80/20 rule can be found in application today.  80% of the work is done by 20% of the work force.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

You see, the hedgehog concept assists you in identifying just where you need to place 80% of your efforts.  The hedgehog will have that specialized knowledge therefore concentrating on that part which will grow his business.  Concentrating on that one thing and remembering to “Keep the main thing, the Main Thing”!

Unlike the hedgehog, the fox does not have that specialized knowledge, rather he knows something about a lot of things.  Kind of that “Jack of all Trades” type.


In the end, the hedgehog always beats the fox.

We also learned this week about the “Paired Comparison”.  Here we take 5 important aspects of our business and list them.  Then we compare our #1 item to our #2 item, then the #1 item with our #3 item, then our #1 item with our #4 item and your guessed it, our #1 item with our #5 item.  If we think that our #1 item is more important to use than the item we are comparing it to, then we place a ????????????????????????????????????????????????????by our #1.  Then we move on to our comparison of the #1 with the next item.  Then we decide again, which is more important to us and again the ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? by the more important one.

We continue this process until all 5 items have been compared.  The item with the most check marks is called your “A” activity.  The item with the 2nd most check marks will be called your “B” activity.  Ok, so far so good, right?

Now, you must schedule your “A” activity 1st in the beginning of the week for the entire week.  You can then schedule your “B” activity next.  Everything else should be scheduled around these activities.

By using and applying these concepts to your business as well as your life, you will see an increase in your available time and success.  Increase in your business growth equates to an increase to your overall happiness.

Remember…we use every adversity for a greater achievement or accomplishment.  We simply cannot just read this blog, we must make the application to our lives.

If I may quote one of my business partners…..

Application of Information = TRANSFORMATION

(I think he has been reading Hanaal too!)

go 90 grow pic

mkmma pic

Keep shining & BELIEVE…