Week 14 Bill Porter…..Not Just A “DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN”

WOW !!!….What a movie.  This needs to be on your “bucket list”.  I would like to share  my experience and thoughts about the movie “DOOR TO DOOR” with all of you today.

I picked this movie at random… just because I liked the name.  I kind of knew that it might have something to do with that “very dirty” five letter word….SALES !!!  Nobody likes a “Salesmen” right??  We sometimes can get an alarm that goes inside our head which says to our subby……”Hide, Hide keep your wallet in your pocket…run the other way”  Right??  We all have been there at some point in our lives.  So, I started to view this movie (and looking for all four of the parts of Success…. or some call it Riches)

1)  DMP… backed by a Burning Desire

2)  A Positive Mental Attitude  (P.M.A.)

3)  A Plan of Action  (P.O.A.)

4)  A Master Mind Alliance  NOBODY makes it WITHOUT a M.M.A.

and it hits me…..BAM ! ! !  This movie is NOT about a “Salesman”.  Oh no my friend, it’s about something much BIGGER then just a little oh salesman and his products and his pitches.

To me, this movie is about “R2- A2”.  No No not R2 D2 and C 3PO….R2  A2 !!

What I mean by this is that everyone who views this “outstanding” movie can Recognize and Relate (R2)  and  Assimilate and Apply (A2) to the time when we first started out in our lives/  businesses endeavors and how  Bill fought through the battle we all call “LIFE” and  how he could have made excuses for his plot in life but NEVER EVER did.  Can we relate to that??

Without revealing too much of this movie, (because YOU HAVE SEE THIS MOVIE) I will share with you how Bill had all four of the parts to his success in place even while he faced his own personal and physical obstacles.  Bill’s DMP (definite major purpose)

was to become a “Salesman” just like a family member.

This close family member was a very successful salesperson, thus Bill wanted to be one as well. (burning desire)  He wanted to be just like this family member. A very cool thing to do in my opinion. (ooppssss…I was not supposed to give my opinion unless I was asked)  Someone…..PLEASE ASK ME MY OPINION !!!!!

Bill had a very “Positive  Mental Attitude”  When the people in the neighborhood would give him “Lemons”, he did what you and I would do, Right?  He effortlessly made lemonade. He really never had to restart his seven day mental diet. (We can all learn something from Bill on this one 🙂

The third part of the formula that Bill had was a (Plan of Action)  Every day, rain or shine, Bill was out there keeping the main thing the ……main thing!!   His mother taught him persistence and patience.  Bill shows us in this movie just how his POA was made in part with his persistence and his patience.

Bill’s last part was his HUGE Master Mind Alliance. At first, his M.M.A. was just one person who was there to help encourage and guide him.  In time and after he put all of these parts in action in his life ( A DMP,  P.M.A.  P.O.A.  and a M.M.A.) his M.M.A. grew and grew and…….grew.  He touched  many people’s lives and they touched his in so many ways that you really do need to see this movie. Remember, NOBODY MAKES IT WITHOUT THESE FOR PARTS WORKING TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY.

I would like to finish by saying that I (and you will also) learn just how to put into place the four parts of success no matter what my or your plot in life is.  Bill was and continues to be a Reflection of what a true human being is…. and maybe even a saint.

I am no ” Ebert and Roeper at the movies” but I truly hope that I have at least inspired you to view this really remarkable movie.  It goes far beyond motivation and inspiration to a true sense of “reflection”. Bill was in the flow of giving and receiving every day. We can not help but reflect inward and see our lives and how we can use Bill’s many examples.

Thank You…..and remember to…..SHINE ON AND SHINE THROUGH !!!

D T M /  J T W

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