Master Key Experience Week 2

This right here is why we need more self directed thinkers in this world. Let your golden light shine all!!

Dave's Master Key Journey

Looking for gold…

Photo by Vladislav Nikonov on Unsplash

Does anyone have a jackhammer I can borrow?

This concrete shell that I’ve been trapped inside for so long seems dang-near impenetrable!

But I’m starting to notice some stress fractures.

No jackhammer? Fine, I’ll take a hammer and chisel if I have to… Heck, a spoon if that’s all you’ve got to offer!

As I work through Week 2, I’m recognizing just how deep-set the old blueprint is.

#16 in this week’s lesson really jumped out at me. It’s a poignant reminder of the years I’ve allowed my conscious mind to abuse my subconscious – which has only returned what it was told to do.

Subby has only shaped my life to exactly what my conscious mind allowed through. It didn’t judge. It just accepted unconditionally what it was fed and manifested the results.

To the subconscious, whatever is allowed through…

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