Week 23 The Law of Least Effort.

Aloha friends and welcome back to our week 23 MKMMA reflections. This week we had learned about “The Law of Least Effort”.  I will share my “observations” on how this law was found and applied during my week.  I have to admit, at first, I thought that “The World’s Laziest Networker” could some how be found somewhere with in this law :}

First off, we must remember from our MKMMA course that there are three parts of this law. 1} Acceptance   2}  Responsibility   3}  Defenselessness

In the first part of our new law is Acceptance. Simply stated, we must accept things for the way they are and NOT for how we would want them to be. For when we fight against this moment, we are fighting against the universe. OMG !! How many times during our week has just this first part of acceptance challenged us?  IE, while I traveled to the east coast for our business, and for the U.S. Navy this week, I was assigned what some would call….pre WW II berthing. Now I could have “pulled rank” in this situation.  After all DTM here has 30 years in the U.S. Navy and I could have firmly requested that I be placed in a newer building with  better accommodations. But just then I remembered that simple little phrase…….when you fight against this moment, you fight against the universe. I “accepted” my room accommodations and went on my way. I took “responsibility” {the second part of the law.  We have the ability to respond differently to any situation} for my response to that situation and I became defenseless { the third part of the law. Stop defending your point of view}

Another great example for me this week was when I reported to my work station for the Navy.  I was greeted with a hello and welcome back, it’s nice to see you again.  I was then told that I was going to be instructing a group of civilian workers as well as a group of  Navy personnel  on several different safety and work standard qualifications that had expired and were needed to have recertified ASAP. WOW triple  B A M !!  I did not have any of my Navy Instructor Guides, Power Point slides or any handouts to facilitate these courses. Again, I could have pulled rank and said  “NOT ME BUDDY…I do not have any of my educational aids with me, find someone else”.  Instead, I accepted my role as lead instructor, took responsibility for how I responded to this  situation and once again, became defenseless and did not defend my point of view. I have since been reassigned to a much nicer room with much nicer accommodations.  I have also finished re-qualifying my class on those needed safety and work quals.  I even had time to get next weeks lesson plans done so that I am ready to go come Monday morning. B A M !!

It truly does take less effort to succeed then to fail.

Ok, now for the sad part. Next week’s blog maybe our last blog during our MKMMA course.  My wife Jeanna and I have learned so much from this class and we will miss everyone and all of your feed back and your support.  We have definitely become “self directed” from the MKMMA course. We truly appreciate Mark, Davene and Trish’s  inputs and their encouragement along our journey to becoming that “Self Directed” person.  We will continue to find three gratitudes daily. We will continue to do two random acts of kindness, along with our reading of our index cards and Og.  Who can go without their fifteen minutes of silence every day? Last but not least, we will continue to work out our bodies and then feed our minds with Hanaal, the reading of our Blue Print and the Guy / Gal in the Glass.  Lets keep connecting our MKMMA experience though out our daily lives and then watch our business and our lives become much more then we first had thought. Mahalo everyone !!!

Remember to keep shining and keep giving…..What a really cool feeling to have.


2 thoughts on “Week 23 The Law of Least Effort.

  1. We’ve been exposed and embraced many wonderful concepts. The Law of Least Effort is definitely among my favorites. Thank you for sharing your “real world” experience. Mahalo!

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