Week 1 – Ready RUN

The anticipation of learning the skills to create a Master Mind Alliance was invigorating.  We were busy each day before thinking ok, do I have everything ready, have I printed out the information for our first webinar, do I have everything I need to hit the ground running? 

That is where we very quickly realized that this isn’t a race, this is a journey.  Oh my, the overwhelming thought of a slow journey ahead.  This is where we needed to slow the speed down, take a breath and sit.  And sit we have everyday to get in control of our bodies so we can get in control of our minds. 

What a concept, get in control of our bodies so we can control our minds.  It is like learning to control our movements so we can learn to walk and even run. 

Remember when we were babies, ok, I don’t really remember when I was a baby, but I have seen plenty go through this process.  When we were born, we were not able to run, goodness, we couldn’t even walk.  That took a long time before we could control our bodies in order to do this.

We first started by being carried, held and taken wherever we needed to go.  We were totally dependent on others for everything, but that is all we knew.  Then one day…..we started to roll over.  What a great achievement.  We had to learn how to use our mind to control our bodies to create the movement of our muscles to roll us over. 

Very soon after, we were rolling all over the place.  We realized that we wanted more!  We wanted to get further to what we wanted and where we wanted to go and this rolling wasn’t quite cutting it.  Soon after, we are up on our knees and learning the coordinate our hands and legs to propel us forward.

We are moving!  Now there is no stopping us….wait, there are still obstacles that we are not able to overcome.  How do we get around these?  How do we get past the things that are holding us back and not allowing us to be like everyone else?  No one else around us is crawling, they are up on 2 feet moving around.  How do I do that too?????

It is time to get up and move around like everyone else.  We crawl to a table or a piece of furniture and pull ourselves up.  Ahhhh, now we can see the things we weren’t able to when we were crawling around on the floor.  We are now moving along, holding on until we are sure of our steps.  Each time we let go a little while longer until one day someone holds out their hands and our DESIRE to get to that person is great enough that we are willing to take those steps without anyone holding on to us any more. 

We are walking!!!

We are independent!!!


There is nothing stopping us now.  Now we can do anything, go where we want and when we want.  All of our hard work is paid off. 

Here is a short video of what this process looks like: http://youtu.be/qENMEyeP_No 

She didn’t let things stop her, she kept persisting until her dancing turned into walking. 

That is what we need to have the DESIRE to want this alliance and greater understanding of our conscience mind.  We also need to have the persistence to create the habits in order to achieve it.  This is not something that we learn how to do overnight.  It  takes time and repetition.  We need to practice before we can walk on our own. 

No matter what obstacles come in our way, we have to be willing to go after our dreams and definite purpose or aim no matter what…NO MATTER WHAT!

The next 25 weeks will be just like learning to walk, but we must put the time in.  We must be willing to fall and to get back up no matter how much it hurt.  By doing this and mastering our minds we WILL achieve ANYTHING!!


Dan & Jeanna


3 thoughts on “Week 1 – Ready RUN

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  2. Dan & Jeanna
    I already learned a key: I need a team name. Thank you.
    And so you began your Master Key Journey October 5, 2013. As you learn to crawl, walk, run, I look forward to reading your posts about your lessons learned and learning. jb

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