Master Keys Week 1

Aloha and welcome to my Master Keys week 1 blog post.  I would like to feature one of my friends Monique.  Please read her re-cap of her week one master key experience and remember to leave us a comment.  Mahalo !!!

Where do I begin? This is a week of firsts…. FIRST blog post… FIRST time reading The Greatest Salesman in the World… Yes…I read. I just haven’t read this much on a daily other than Yahoo! or something like that in a very long time. I try and get lost in TV rather than reading… But that’s another story…. My point is that it’s been a HARD week of going through the PROCESS daily to re-write my BLUEPRINT and establish new HABITS!!!!

So, this week begins the opportunity for new beginnings/firsts…. Like I said/wrote, this is my FIRST read of this glorious book…. We are supposed to read The Greatest Salesman in the World three times a day. I found that I’ve read morning and night(aloud). I love the first Scroll!!! I know that this begins establishing the HABIT. So why can’t I get the “lunch” reading in my day.. Maybe because I don’t get a “lunch”. But that will not stop me from still trying to establish the third reading. This HABIT will just take longer to establish!! I know this is important but I’ve decided not to beat myself up over this, as it is a PROCESS.

Lately I’ve been understanding or realizing that EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is a PROCESS. Sometimes I want to believe that, just like Beyoncé’s song, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!!! But, I didn’t just get here, right now, in this MOMENT, just like this…. I have gone through so many PROCESSES, so many that I don’t even know or give myself credit…. I’ve underestimated what I’m capable of ACHIEVING!!! I’ve been selling myself short!! Don’t mean to sound preachy but I guess I am!!!! This is a PROCESS!!! LIFE is a PROCESS!!! I’ve been hurrying thru so fast, thru LIFE, that I don’t PRAISE myself for getting thru the PROCESS!! WHATEVER it happens to be at the TIME!!!

One of my chihuahua’s, there’s Charity and Faith, so Charity had patellar surgery, which was worsening, in order to not go lame in that leg. It was a PROCESS to get better and heal. She could run around, jump or do anything strenuous for 4 weeks. NOTHING!!! It’s been about 2 months and she started to neglect that leg despite the reparative surgery. The Vet said that she remembers the pain and because she doesn’t want to go through it again, she’s decided not to use that leg. So now I  do exercises with her to unLEARN her HABIT in order to let her know she’s OK. That her leg is PERFECTLY healthy and she won’t re-injure herself. I’ve gone thru her PROCESS with her.

So, here comes this assignment and I think, “Where do I begin?” And, here I AM!! I’m going thru THE PROCESS. And, unlike so many times before, I will ENJOY this PROCESS. I will take one agonizingly educational BABY step at a time!!!

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