Week 1 – Here we are again….

Aloha everyone….

WOW, has this first week been been busy…but fun…or WHAT???

I mean, learning how to blog for the first time….I remember it like it was yesterday.  The anxiety of what to say, how to actually post it and WILL THY LIKE IT????  Just like being back in school.  How ironic is that?  Our whole first week is like the the first week of school.

THEN…we have to get our sit in every day….how can I sit still and settle my body along with my mind?

And then…there is the daily readings….that isn’t just once a day but for several of them 3 times a day and at least one needs to be out loud.

Let’s not forget our writing and re-writing our DMP’s.  How do we know what our heart’s desire is, what are we meant to be????

PHEW….where did our week one go?

Who ever thought that we could change our work by simply changing how we think?


We all have done a great job this week, writing our DMP’s, re-writing our DMP’s, blogging and doing all of our readings.

You all need to CONGRATULATE yourselves!!  You have all remained in harmony, had a commitment to everything that is required of you this week, whether you understood or knew how to do these requirements.  Essentially, you have all survived RUSH week of the MKMMA Experience.

KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK…..Congratulate yourselves for completing these few things and staying in harmony.

See you on the Sunday webbie….and remember…..BELIEVE and SHINE ON!!!


Dan & Jeanna

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