Week 20 – Fox or Hedgehog

Are you a Fox or a Hedgehog?

Wow, is it just me or was this past week “crazy“?  I mean between running our family business, our day time jobs, the launch of another very cool “Go-90-Grow” course and of course our MKMMA studies.  Where has the week gone?  Do you feel the same way?

Now, if you are like most people, you probably have heard that busy people get things done.


Well, just how do “busy people” get-er done and still have time to spend with their families, spouses, friends, etc.?  I truly believe that it is because we know how to use and apply the 3 Concepts:

  1. The Hedgehog Concept
  2. Pareto’s Principle
  3. Paired Comparison

3 Concepts you say?

The “Hedgehog and the Fox” was a book first written by a man named Isaiah Berlin.

week 20 pic hedge hog book

This idea to divide writers and thinkers into two categories: hedgehogs, who view the world through the lens of a single defining idea and foxes who draw on a wide variety of experiences and for whom the world cannot be boiled down to a single idea.  Boy, if we haven’t been studying this all along…..come on, who could forget our new friends the

compass magnifying glass

Now, the hedgehog and the fox is a three-part tool that was and is used by many U.S. companies to help grow their business and to get things done.  So, what is this three-part plan or tool?

week 20 circle pic #2

The concept is really simple to understand.  80% of our scheduled time is spent at the intersection of all three of these circles.  How did we get the 80% number you ask?  Well that come from my good friend and economist Vilfredo Pareto.  Pareto noticed back in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.  Now this concept, the 80/20 rule can be found in application today.  80% of the work is done by 20% of the work force.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

You see, the hedgehog concept assists you in identifying just where you need to place 80% of your efforts.  The hedgehog will have that specialized knowledge therefore concentrating on that part which will grow his business.  Concentrating on that one thing and remembering to “Keep the main thing, the Main Thing”!

Unlike the hedgehog, the fox does not have that specialized knowledge, rather he knows something about a lot of things.  Kind of that “Jack of all Trades” type.


In the end, the hedgehog always beats the fox.

We also learned this week about the “Paired Comparison”.  Here we take 5 important aspects of our business and list them.  Then we compare our #1 item to our #2 item, then the #1 item with our #3 item, then our #1 item with our #4 item and your guessed it, our #1 item with our #5 item.  If we think that our #1 item is more important to use than the item we are comparing it to, then we place a ????????????????????????????????????????????????????by our #1.  Then we move on to our comparison of the #1 with the next item.  Then we decide again, which is more important to us and again the ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? by the more important one.

We continue this process until all 5 items have been compared.  The item with the most check marks is called your “A” activity.  The item with the 2nd most check marks will be called your “B” activity.  Ok, so far so good, right?

Now, you must schedule your “A” activity 1st in the beginning of the week for the entire week.  You can then schedule your “B” activity next.  Everything else should be scheduled around these activities.

By using and applying these concepts to your business as well as your life, you will see an increase in your available time and success.  Increase in your business growth equates to an increase to your overall happiness.

Remember…we use every adversity for a greater achievement or accomplishment.  We simply cannot just read this blog, we must make the application to our lives.

If I may quote one of my business partners…..

Application of Information = TRANSFORMATION

(I think he has been reading Hanaal too!)

go 90 grow pic

mkmma pic

Keep shining & BELIEVE…


5 thoughts on “Week 20 – Fox or Hedgehog

  1. Such an interesting and neat summation of this week’s activities. I enjoyed your review. I still have to make a conscious effort not to leave an opinion (rating of the post). Nonetheless I really enjoyed it.

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