Week 10 – Worth repeating

A universal law, abundance and it’s evidence is very clear.  Abundance is everywhere!  Nature is said to be lavish, extravagant and wasteful all at the same time.  The sometimes unnoticed task of reproduction and creating of all of nature is continuously happening.

Just think about all the animals and plants, they are always reproducing and regenerating themselves, each and every day.

You could say that nature is always providing for man.  So, if nature is lavish, exravagant and abundant AND Nature is always producing for man, then why is it that man sometimes does not take part in it’s abundance?

We must remember that nothing happens without a definite cause.  This is like a “Tale of Two Men”, sounds like a great title of a book.  The control of any situation by bringing adequate causes into play creates the cause and effect.

We learned that Cause is the world within and the Effect is the world without.

So, the ordinary man who does not have a definite knowledge of cause and effect will always be governed by his feelings or emotions rather than his true thoughts.  He will try to justify his daily action and make excuses for why he has failed at his attempts at life’s endeavor’s time after time.  He consoles himself with a pitty party of sorts and moves on.

He does not stop to realize that for every effect there is a direct result of a definite cause.

What we MUST remember is that the mind can conceive and believe and in turn WILL ACHIEVE!  We can not just sit back willy nilly and continue to let our emotions rule our thoughts and moreover our actions.  Now is the time, Og is telling us that WE WILL SUCCEED!!!!!  YES, we will!

The Power to take possession of our own mind and to have the ability to direct it to whatever and wherever we want to be is so POWERFUL!  Remember, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.  These words alone will change your mind’s eye and the way you make all of your decisions.

Will Smith says it best and is worth repeating:

Peace be the journey…..and as always…..SHINE ON!!!

Dan & Jeanna