Week 11 – The Power of Prayer

WOW, another week that really resonated with us.  So one of the readings that we do is listening to the recording on the way to work every morning.  I will tell you.  When The Fabulous Davene reads Mark 11:24 it always hits me (Jeanna) right in the solar plexus.  So, I am sure those that aren’t a part of our MKMMA course saying….WHAT


Ok, let’s break it down…

Break It Down

Let’s start with Mark 11:24 ~

Mark 11 24

This has been so powerful this week.  At the end of the lesson we are asked to meditate on this statement. Our attainment of enlightenment is always ever elusive.  NOW….let’s have a general understanding that our Faith is our Faith.  The TeamSki Faith is always the focus of everyday.  With that being said, this is a POWERFUL passage.

What we need to remember is and ALWAYS…”whatever you ask for…”  it goes on to each day in prayer.  What is prayer?

Let’s break it down…..”whatever you ask for in prayer”…..ok EVERYDAY we pray.  We may not know that we are praying but we are. Those little thoughts….don’t say this…..I hope that my prospects understands this….”That was a GREAT presentation”….are all little prayers.


Prayers are our thoughts no matter big or small, it is what our heart’s desire is.  FYI…more often than naught, our hearts’ desire is never uttered.  Those are the things that are so big that we are afraid to utter, for what happens when GOD actually brings it into fruition? Do I really need to spell it out for you?  Yes…..well let’s see if this jogs your memory…


GOD is in control of all.  GOD already knows.  GOD is waiting for us to ask.  GOD is our Father and are we ready to drop to our knees and talk with him openly?  That right there is taking us to complete submission.  GOD is asking us to completely give ourselves to HIM.  And what will he give us in return??????

always forever

Let us end with this….what do we all, ULTIMATELY strive for….