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This holiday season NPR is starting a yearly show “The Reason for the Season”.  Each week they are highlighting a story that exemplifies the notion of the “Reason for the Season”, people that are doing something that impacts society through a selfless act of giving.

Cokie Roberts, reporter extraordinaire has taken on this project.

Cokie Roberts

This isn’t the typical type of interview Cokie does, her political prowess has driven her to new journalistic heights which is also taking her into new directions.  She has recently decided to broaden her horizons start reporting on human interest stories starting with those that are giving back.

It is December 3, 2022 and Dan (DTM) and Jeanna Swiatkowski have been asked to go over their story of giving this past summer.  Sit back and enjoy this heart-warming story of giving back what life has given you.


During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we all need to take a moment to remember what the holidays truly represent.  Dan, you and Jeanna have made a habit of giving back to people through the years and this past year was the most notable one yet.  You have explained that you don’t like to make a big deal about your giving, as a matter of fact, you prefer to do this more anonymously if at all possible.


Yes, Cokie, that is correct.  Since Jeanna and I have been married, we have looked for opportunities no matter how small to give back to people.  Fortunately, we have are able to make these gifts more substantial every time.


That is a great point Dan.  In researching your story, I have noticed that you have made quite a name for yourself in the past 5 years.  Can you tell us a little bit about what has happened in your life that has afforded you the chance to give back in the manner you have?


Well, Jeanna and I have built our Personal Business – Savant, Inc. to a point that we are able to help others in many different ways.  Savant has been a blessing to us most notably through our Network Marketing business units.


I would like to pause a moment here Dan, this is really where it all began, isn’t it.  I would like to touch upon how you have grown you Network Marketing side of your business to the engine that it is.  Network Marketing tends to get a bad rap, but when you break it down, we all Network Market every day.


That is correct Cokie, we all DO Network Market every day.  The difference is that some of us get paid for it and some of us don’t.  I realized early in life that I was going to get paid for the work that came so easily for me.


Where did you first realize that you had an interest in Network Marketing?


When I look back on my life, it really started back when I was 10 years old and I had a paper route.  With each paper I delivered, I was reaching out to everyone on my paper route and talking with them about what their likes and dislikes were about the delivery of their daily paper.  You see it was that human contact and customer service that each person really liked.  I have always been extremely personable and outgoing which leads me to my love of talking to people.


We can most certainly tell by your charisma, that you are very much one of those “People” people.


(laughing) Why yes, funny, my wife tells me that I am the Mayor and I know everyone, which has been extremely helpful.  Actually, it is what then lead me to my first entrepreneurial adventure.  Soon after my paper route, I started my own Shoe Shine service.  I recruited 2 of my friends to go out on the routes that I had set up with the local restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.  I provided them with all the materials they needed and I trained them on the skills they needed to go out and perform the service.  Again, another way that Network Marketing has played a part in the start of Savant.


So let’s fast forward several years.  You have built your business of Network Marketing and have a team that is known across the nation for its recruiting and retention.  How have you been able to accomplish this?


Well, again, it all goes back to 3 things:

  1. Listen
  2. Teach
  3. Belief

You see Cokie, when you listen to what people are looking for you are able to provide them with the solutions and when you show them the belief you have in them and what you are doing, it is a match made in heaven.


Belief is everything, I completely agree.  Belief is what has gotten us to this interview.  Belief is the “Reason for the Season”.  Let’s jump forward to present time.  The whole reason for this interview is for us to discuss your $500,000 contribution to the Polish Orphanage Dom Dziecka.  This past summer, Jeanna and I visited Poland for the month of August.

Being of Polish decent, I have always had the need to go to Poland to see where my heritage lies. While in the Warsaw area, we decided to spend a week volunteering at the Dom Dziecka orphanage.  Early in our marriage we decided that we were not going to have children but in turn wanted to be able to give to those children that needed us most.  On this trip we felt tug that these were children that needed us.  The smiles, the laughter, the tears and the joy that we felt from each child that touched our heart that trip.  We knew that there was more that we needed to do.  So upon our return, we decided that we were going to make a donation to the Dom Dziecka, something that would change the world as they know it and truly make an impact on all of their lives.  It is going back to that belief that you will get back tenfold what you give.  Those children gave us the all the love that they had and we wanted to again, give that love back in any way we were able.

Polish Girl Polish kids playing Polish room


You certainly have created a legacy with these children.  This is something that they will never forget.  We did contact the Dom Dziecka orphanage to talk to them about this impact that this has made on them.  The overwhelming cry of thanks, appreciation and gratitude could be heard in their voices.  The staff talked at lengths about all the clothes, toys, activities, food, medical supplies and updates to the building, the list goes on and on.  Not only were you able to provide these material items but the belief you have created in these children’s’ eyes is a gift that is beyond measure.


That is exactly what we wanted to leave with them.  Their lives should not be dictated by the money that they do or do not have, but the belief that people have in them.  We have be given back more than those children know.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson says – “To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children – this is to have succeeded.”

This is our true success.


There you have it folks, believing in others, the basic principles in life are what has driven this couple to lead by example.  This is more than just the “Reason for the Season”, it is the way we should all live every day!

2011 Christmas Cruise

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