Week 19 – Train your brain by non-verbal

Social scientists have studied our non-verbal body language and how it communicates our interactions between us.  What does our body language say to others?

When we think of our non-verbals, we think about how we judge others and how they judge us.  We influence others as well as influencing ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, and physiology, our non-verbal communication.

What non-verbals are we referring to?


Non-verbal expressions of power and of dominance.  What really are these types of non-verbal power and dominance?

“You expand yourself” you make yourself bigger by stretching yourself out to take up more space than you need.  You basically open up to your surroundings.

All animals and humans do this.



We express our power if only in the moment:


Or if we have Power chronically.  These expressions are a universal sense of pride.  When an athlete crosses the finish line, they almost always raise their arms up in a “V” formation with their head tilted back and chin raised skyward.  This feeling of power and victory is all demonstrated thought this non-verbal action.

When we feel powerless, we do the exact opposite.  We clam up, we hunch our shoulders and shrink up our space.  We close up and wrap ourselves up into a much smaller space.



As humans go, we tend to compliment the other person’s power level.  If we are with a person that is exuding a high level of power, we automatically become a low level power person.

Let’s take for example students who are the “alpha” types.  They come into the classroom and spread themselves out, books and papers all around them.  When they are going to answer a question, their hands are straight up, high in the air, waiting to be called on.

The more submissive student will come into the classroom and sit only in the space provided, in their seat, keeping their books and papers contained right in front of them.  These students will raise barely raise their hands when answering a question.
Which student do you think exudes that confidence and power from their non-verbal actions?

Furthermore, let’s look at the male/female relationships.  There is a direct relationship between men and women and how their non-verbal power dominance is shown.  Women tend not to show their power through their posture or presence in a room as much as a man does.  A man tends to enter the room, shoulders back, head held high with a power stance.  A woman tends to enter the room, scan to see who the power figures are and if she is able to compliment the power in the room or if she will sit back and be a part of the room.  Now we all know that these aew sweeping generalities.  This can flip flop at any moment in time.  How often do you see a man eek into a room and sit in the corner hoping that no one notices or in the hopes that no one will bother him?  We have also often seen a woman walk in a room and from the moment she enters, takes command of the environment with her stature, demeanor and dress.  A woman in a nice dress and heels holds that posture and power confidence that turns heads.

Could one of you fake the power dominance until you make it?  Have you ever heard the phrase “Fake it til you Make it”?  YES, of course we can!!  You can pretend to feel more powerful, but how?

Your body CAN change your mind.  Higher testosterone, which is a dominance hormone will give you that rush that you CAN conquer whatever it is you are setting out to portray.  Yous cortisol lowers which is the stress hormone, allowing you to show that level of confidence that gives you the Power Dominance presence.

Let’s evaluate these…..if you stand with your hand on your hips for 2 minutes a day looking at yourself in the mirror you will see your posture and confidence changing. You will see yourselves much more powerful….as powerful as Wonder Woman and Superman.  The answer YES!

wonder woman superman-9

Another example is by sitting in a chair with your hands behind your head and your feet up on the desk.  Here you are showing a cool confidence.  Often you see a high powered exec assuming this position, they are confident yet relaxed.  Even the President of the United States takes on this persona:

President with fee on desk

We also see in this picture and other depiction of confidence.  When you are talking to someone sitting behind the desk and you lean forward with your hands on the desk you are showing that you are confident in yourself and are going to take on whatever challenge the person behind the desk is ready to throw your way.  Yes Mr. President, I am challenging you on your policy and this is why!

How powerful do you feel?????  Take this challenge for one week, 2 minutes everyday, stand in front of a mirror with your hands on your hips.  Notice how your mood and posture changes.  Minor adjustments like this changes your hormone levels as discussed and in turn your retraining your brain to either be Assertive, Confident and Comfortable -OR- to be Stressed, Diminished or Powerless.

You choose…..what is your body language or non-verbal cues going to tell everyone about you today?  I know that I am going to stand a little taller, smile a little more and let everyone know that “I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle”!

As always…..SHINE ON!!


Week 18 – The BIG payoff!

5 Simple Steps to a Better Life & a Better YOU!

We’ve done the drills, we’ve learned the skills and now…the payoff is larger than life itself!

for most of us, the past 18 weeks have been filled with doing these 5simple steps daily.  We were told “do the drill”, you will “learn the skill”, and at the end will be your payoff, your “pot of gold” At the end of your rainbow.  Now, for those that stayed true to themselves and to the drill…..well (here is my favorite word…BAM!  No…BAM BAM!!!

we have seen how our lives have changed and changed for the better and forever!  Is it not why we took the Go90Grow course?  And then to top it off decided to take on the MKMMA course as well?  We have learned that by doing these 5 very simple things, we could alter not only our lives, but the lives of our spouse, family and yes, even touch the lives of friend or foe.

So by now, if you are like most people, you are asking the question.  Ok DTM, what are these 5 steps and just how has it changed your life?  What was your big payoff?

Ok, fair question. I think it is best displayed in going through the five steps that my wife and I have done everyday.

1) write out our 3 daily gratitudes

2) write out 1positive sentence from the daily gratitudes so we can put some feeling into it

3) do our daily readings -DMP, Blueprint builder, scrolls,etc

4) do our daily sit


These 5steps have been scientifically proved to change your life.  So here is how my life has changed.

By understanding the Law of Attraction and starting each day with love in my heart.  My life has become much sharper and I am ablue to stay calm during a time of crisis, learn new things faster and retain this new information For my future use.  My relationships that I build are more solid and have a deeper sense of trust (now that is really cool).

Instead of saying why, I now say….why not?

i have divorced myself from my excuses, fears and slothfulness.  I am married to my dreams, goals and most importan, my DMP!

Mahalo for reading, please leave a comment on what your pay off has been.

Keep shining and growing and always remember “I persist, I win”!

Week 17 – Hero’s Journey

Recognize this Journey?

This week, some of us were introduced to….and some of us were reminded of a really cool process called….


Heros Journey

                        I have been fascinated by this “process” called The Hero’s Journey ever since I was first introduced to it from my Go 90 Grow class back in the fall of 2013.  I wanted to learn all I could about this hero’s  journey thing, so I decided to read whatever I could find on the internet  and I would ask my family, friends and co-workers if they had heard of this and how did it touched their lives.  No one really knew what this was or could tell me how it had affected their lives thus far.  I learned that the term “Hero’s Journey” was first coined by a man named Joseph Campbell back in 1949.  He had written a book named The Hero with a Thousand Faces.   Joseph Campbell, an American professor who studied the myths across different world cultures and found that they had common patterns of story woven through them. This pattern is called…..”The Hero’s Journey”.  The Hero’s Journey can be described as having several steps to it.  Here is a listing of those steps that we take during our lives.

Heros journey chart

The Ordinary World

You begin in the mundane world, where everything is status quo. Or is it? Everything seems ok, and that’s just the problem, isn’t it? Everything is just ok. But sometimes, a soft little voice inside your head tells you that there should be something more. You can’t quite articulate it yet, but you just get this nagging feeling, maybe it’s you, or maybe it’s everyone else, but life can’t be just about this…

Where are you right now in your life? Is it where you want to be? Or do you get the sense that something’s just not quite right, that something needs to be changed? Maybe it’s not about the external environment; do you feel that it’s you who needs changing?

You feel it, don’t you? That there should be something more.

Listen to the voice that separates you from your ordinary world, because it’s asking you to take a step further on your Hero’s Journey. What does it say?

The Call to Adventure

All this time, you’ve felt a nagging feeling that something’s not quite right, that something needs to change, and there should be something more in your life. You haven’t thought about it till now, but as you reflect on that message in The Ordinary World, you realize just what it is.

In The Call to Adventure, you will face 2 things: the pain of something in your life that you’re no longer willing to accept, therefore you must move out of your old world, or the pleasure of a new goal, that will thrust you into The Hero’s Journey.

What is it you’re no longer willing to accept any more in your world? And what is a new goal that you want to set for yourself, a goal enticing and powerful enough that would want to make you leave behind your old world and step into a new one? That’s the treasure you seek.

And this is your Call to Adventure.

But is this the first time you’ve heard this call? In The Hero’s Journey, many heroes actually refuse the first call to adventure. They might be reluctant to do so, perhaps they fear the challenges that they imagine they might face, or they think perhaps they’re not the best person for this mission.

This is called the inauthentic state, because it’s inauthentic to believe that you’re not good enough compared to someone else. It’s inauthentic to believe that you don’t have the resources you need already inside you to rise up to any challenge you’ll face. It’s inauthentic to believe that other people deserve the treasure at the end of the journey while you don’t.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us in
everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others.” In short, it’s inauthentic to recognize that you are the Hero in The Hero’s Journey.

For heroes who refuse the call to adventure, there’s only one thing that happens: they flounder. They start dying inside…but the call keeps coming, until one day they have no choice but to answer the call. Events sweep them up into motion, they find themselves drifting along without a direction until they’re just before a waterfall and they realize they have to start paddling like crazy or they’re dead. They are forced they don’t choose to undertake The Hero’s Journey.

Meeting the Wise Mentor

An interesting thing happens as soon as you commit to The Call to Adventure, when you’ve had it, things are going to change, they’re going to change now, you’re leaving The Ordinary World of the status quo and there is no turning back; a wise mentor appears to guide you.  It’s simple. Haven’t you heard someone tell you about their goals in a very wishy-washy, not sure kind of way before? When it’s obvious they’re not committed? Do you feel inspired? But what happens when you listen to someone describe their goals with utter conviction? You feel like helping them, don’t you? You’re swept along by their drive! You think of someone they should talk to, a book they should read, or a company they should approach. A wise mentor might appear in the form of a person, a book, a movie, or the lyrics of a song. He or she might appear to give you a special tool, advice, or training to help you face the challenges in your Hero’s Journey.

As you think about the treasure you’re after in this journey, what are the wise mentors you could use? In this day and age we’re surrounded by an abundance of mentors, either people you can meet in person, talk over the phone, thru the internet, or books, videos and audio programs from experts you haven’t even met, from across the globe, who can give you instant advice.

As you go across your day, keep your eyes and ears open. Notice what mentors ‘magically’ pop out to give you advice you can use. Is it going to be someone you meet? A song you overhear? A book you glance over? A course introduced by a friend?

And who would you choose to be the wise mentors in your Hero’s Journey and what would they tell you?

Crossing the Threshold

You’ve committed to leaving behind the Ordinary World and stepping into the New World of your Hero’s Journey. And as you do, you’re exposed to new sounds and sights, new learning, surprises, adventures and experiences you’ve never had before.

As you do so, you might feel out of place. You might feel uncomfortable, inexperienced. You are the proverbial babe in the woods. You ask yourself, ‘What was I thinking to leave my ordinary world behind?’. We’ve all been in situations like this.

But you’re stretching beyond your old self.

Sometimes, when crossing the first threshold, you meet with boundaries. It might be the environment, a roadblock or obstacle in the way, the road might be too far away, a storm or a drought might test your resolve, or it might be people, who come up and challenge you.

Meeting Your Helpers and Your Challengers

These are the Threshold Guardians, who will test if you’re serious about setting out on your journey. The Guardians are there to test your commitment, they might throw all kinds of obstacles, threats or difficulties in your way to make you back off and go home.

The Threshold Guardians will not waste their time, they’ve seen too many people who start out with grand ideas but give up at the very first obstacle. But once you’ve shown these guardians you’re not only inspired, but committed; by locking down and doing the hard work, ignoring naysayers who want to discourage you from leaving the flock, by leaving behind cumbersome luggage that was only weighing you down, by passing the guardians’ tests; you are allowed passage into the brave New World.

Now from here you will go through four more stages of your “Hero’s Journey”.  They are called….Into the Innermost Cave, The Supreme Ordeal, Claiming Your Treasure and Your Journey Home.  I have left these last steps out of our blog due to our space limitations and to inspire you to research this “process” further.  I must ask you this question. Can you see this process going on in your life?  Maybe when you were thinking about getting married, starting a new job perhaps.  How about when you went to college, or joined the military.  Please leave us a comment and let us know where you see your “Hero’s Journey” in your life. How you have handled your journey?

Keep Shining…..Keep Growing   Believe !!



Week 17 – Your Permission

Permission slip 2

Who remembers the days when you would rush home from school…”Mom, mom…we are going on the coolest field trip EVER….I HAVE to go!!!!  Please, please, PLEASE can you sign my permission slip?????”  We remember the excitement of that moment when Mom signed that permission slip….

WOO HOO  we are going on a NEW adventure!

Let’s take a giant step back.  Our Moms’ GAVE us permission to go try something new.  To go out, explore the world without abandon.  We could decide our level our engagement.  We could pretty much do what we wanted.

WOW…we have been given that control.  Isn’t that what we all want control?  Whether it is control over our day, control over how we are treated, control over where our future is headed….

Truly giving ourselves permission is giving ourselves the pass card to take control.  Society, at least here in the United States, has always controlled our lives.  So what do we always strive for…..the ability to maintain control.  For the majority of us, the majority of society it is to control our destiny.


Hello!!!!  This is the beginning of our wake up call.  Cold hard facts!  Who is truly in control of our permission…we are.  We have always had that control but day after day, week after week, year after year, we all let that control be taken away from us.  How can we, in the United States live like this?  We are the land of the brave and home of the free.  Free what?  If we truly believed that then we would all live our lives with the freedom that we have been afforded.  But we have been suppressed for years, no matter what your you race, gender, creed, social, economic, education, whatever preferences, whatever!  We have been suppressed in that stereotype.  WE are the ones that limit ourselves to those suppressive categories!  WHY?

We ALL need to be willing to let our lights shine!  At birth, we are NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE and we are all given THE world.  However, each moment we take is a moment to second guess what we are given at birth.  Truly, what is that???  What each of us needs to do is embrace and engulf what each of us believes.

So here we are……evaluating…..



So take inventory, what has changed?  Only you will know.  So……will you give yourself permission to move forward in your life?  Are you willing to take on WHATEVER life will bring us?  The answer no matter what should be YES!!!!

When you do your job and do it right, it pays off!  So as my husband says… BAM!  Do the work, do the work, do the wod and do it NOW!!!   End of story.

As we always say….SHINE ON!!!   Let your true inner light shine!!!


Week 16 – Imagine

So this week has been one of those weeks where you spend the whole week running around keeping the plates spinning.  Then you also have the unique opportunity to take a step back and BREATHE. How often do we truly take the time to stop no matter what is going on to truly take the time to inventory what is going on in our lives?  This week was a perfect time for us to do so.

We had the exclusive opportunity to focus our attention on one virtue this week.  KINDNESS….no matter what virtue we have focused on before this one took the cake.  Not just observing “random acts of KINDNESS” but doing them!

Let’s breakdown what does kindness mean.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word KIND means:  having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others : wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others.

Each moment we have there is that hesitation where you have a choice to make a difference in someone’s life or keep doing what you do everyday.  What choice do you make?  Keeping KINDNESS in the forefront of our minds would lend us to believe that we would choose to perform an act that would bring happiness to others.  One of the best parts is that the “others” we are taking about can be someone you know or could be a complete stranger.  How wonderful, having that ability to impact mankind with a moment of chance and kindness usually without much effort.  The power we have.

Let’s look at this from another view, the act of kindness we are performing evokes a feeling.  What we also learned this week is that in sentence 35 from Hanaal: “there is but one sense, the sense of feeling, and that all other senses are but modifications of this one sense; this being true, we know why feeling is the very fountain head of power, why the emotions so easily overcome the intellect, and why we must put feeling into our thought, if we wish results. Thought and feeling is the irresistible combination.
WOW, again the power we have.  We have the ability to evoke feelings in other though our choice to let our thoughts drive us to perform acts of KINDNESS.

One last THOUGHT on creating the feelings we have in our acts of KINDNESS this week.  Each time we have the ability to create a feeling for someone we are also creating a feeling in ourselves.  What we know of this is that these feelings that we are creating are what propels us to our Definite Major Purpose in life.  Our feelings will create for us the results even bigger than we can ever IMAGINE!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


Week 15 – Today’s Virtues

Ok, let’s start out by stating the obvious….the Polar Vortex has over-taken us!!  We live in WI….for some that means……ooooo, cheese, oooooo  COLD!  We would agree this year, cheese is great!  BUT, the cold has really over-taken us this week.  Today had been the greatest shift in temps…we have gone from -12 to 23 degrees!  On my way home from work I told my husband that at 23 degrees is was “balmy”.  Someone please remind us of this in the summer when we are battling 100 degree weather with 100 -[ percent humidity!

So, today we are reflecting on our reflections this week:

These are based on what Dan’s Virtues are (based Ben Franklin s’) virtues are.  This week Dan needs to work on noticing things that are “Well-Organized”.  So what is Jeanna’s top virtue to work on? “Self-Control”.  

In my interview with Dan….he relayed that truly everywhere he looked there was organization.  Working for the school system, there is no way that no matter where you turn you can’t see that “Organization”.  We are going to take this from the opposite points of view.  Dan is going to review Jeanna and Jeanna is going to review Dan.

After going through the 11 virtue’s that Benjamin Franklin went through Dan had identified Well-Organization as his #1 virtue to recognize this week.

So….after our webinar on Sunday we in WI have had a rough time with the weather.  Schools throughout the state of WI have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday of the week.

DTM (Dan the Man) works for the public school system and well, since school has been closed early this week, it has been a great reflection on how we can see organization in our everyday lives.  Each moment has organization to it.  Sol, here we are at home for a long, unexpected weekend.  How does organization seep into the moments of our day.

Get up….let’s start the day! (the next move is organized since 9.75 times out of 10 it is the same movement).
We stoke the fire (this organizes how the supplemental heating system of the house is organized).
We now have time to delve into the lesson for this week, more than likely a little deeper than the weeks past (this a positional organization).
Laundry needs to be done….(organization)
Laundry needs to be put away….(organization)
Dinner time….let’s organize in what order we prepare the food for the meal.

As you can see that no matter what happens in your day, whatever you are focusing on will become WILDLY apparent to you.

Let’s see what happens in Jeanna’s time the past couple of days.  Jeanna’s focus this week is on “Self-Control”.  Well, the first example of this came after her beloved Packers happened to lose. Listening to the interviews afterwards, the sentiments were all about what a great year it was, how they fought a good fight and that next year barring injuries they would have that “chance”.  Aaron Rodgers took blame upon himself, as did the coach, but they never, NEVER pointed the finger to someone else.

In the emotions of a loss takes quite the bit of self-control.  Then, in the days that follow, days that are spend indoors for hours on end, the control not to let emotions  take over is a great example of self-control.

So….now…..we need to look at where does our future move from here  Well, let’s set the record straight.  As much as most may believe, the sun does NOT rise and set on a sports team and realizing this is both a matter of organization and self-control.  It is extremely enlightening that a most perplexing experience could have both virtues covered.

The recognition of these virtues most certainly bring to light that even in situations that we might not assimilate with a year ending sports event, BUT, it does bring to light what we might  have not already associate with those virtues.  You see, as Mark indicates, these virtues will become most evident now that we are hyper-aware of our virtues that we feel we need the most work on.  Whether it is organization or self-control, these will be brought to light in our most passionate moments.

GREAT!!  What does this mean to me?  BE AWARE!  LISTEN!  Don’t be so self-involved that when the option to become a contributing factor to a customer or Partner just sit back and take in what is going on around us.  Let us be ever observant of those virtues that we have identified as a weakness on our parts no matter what they may be.

Before we go, we just want to make sure that no matter what each of us is looking to focus on this week as well as the weeks and years yet to come, each of us takes the time needed to truly invest in us.  No matter what journey we are on, let us remain in the NOW and not in the past or the future, for the NOW is what we can control.

So right now the Ski’s will be well-organized and have immense self-control! (Let’s watch to see how in the coming weeks this affects them!)

Always remember to…..SHINE ON!!!




Week 14 Bill Porter…..Not Just A “DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN”

WOW !!!….What a movie.  This needs to be on your “bucket list”.  I would like to share  my experience and thoughts about the movie “DOOR TO DOOR” with all of you today.

I picked this movie at random… just because I liked the name.  I kind of knew that it might have something to do with that “very dirty” five letter word….SALES !!!  Nobody likes a “Salesmen” right??  We sometimes can get an alarm that goes inside our head which says to our subby……”Hide, Hide keep your wallet in your pocket…run the other way”  Right??  We all have been there at some point in our lives.  So, I started to view this movie (and looking for all four of the parts of Success…. or some call it Riches)

1)  DMP… backed by a Burning Desire

2)  A Positive Mental Attitude  (P.M.A.)

3)  A Plan of Action  (P.O.A.)

4)  A Master Mind Alliance  NOBODY makes it WITHOUT a M.M.A.

and it hits me…..BAM ! ! !  This movie is NOT about a “Salesman”.  Oh no my friend, it’s about something much BIGGER then just a little oh salesman and his products and his pitches.

To me, this movie is about “R2- A2”.  No No not R2 D2 and C 3PO….R2  A2 !!

What I mean by this is that everyone who views this “outstanding” movie can Recognize and Relate (R2)  and  Assimilate and Apply (A2) to the time when we first started out in our lives/  businesses endeavors and how  Bill fought through the battle we all call “LIFE” and  how he could have made excuses for his plot in life but NEVER EVER did.  Can we relate to that??

Without revealing too much of this movie, (because YOU HAVE SEE THIS MOVIE) I will share with you how Bill had all four of the parts to his success in place even while he faced his own personal and physical obstacles.  Bill’s DMP (definite major purpose)

was to become a “Salesman” just like a family member.

This close family member was a very successful salesperson, thus Bill wanted to be one as well. (burning desire)  He wanted to be just like this family member. A very cool thing to do in my opinion. (ooppssss…I was not supposed to give my opinion unless I was asked)  Someone…..PLEASE ASK ME MY OPINION !!!!!

Bill had a very “Positive  Mental Attitude”  When the people in the neighborhood would give him “Lemons”, he did what you and I would do, Right?  He effortlessly made lemonade. He really never had to restart his seven day mental diet. (We can all learn something from Bill on this one 🙂

The third part of the formula that Bill had was a (Plan of Action)  Every day, rain or shine, Bill was out there keeping the main thing the ……main thing!!   His mother taught him persistence and patience.  Bill shows us in this movie just how his POA was made in part with his persistence and his patience.

Bill’s last part was his HUGE Master Mind Alliance. At first, his M.M.A. was just one person who was there to help encourage and guide him.  In time and after he put all of these parts in action in his life ( A DMP,  P.M.A.  P.O.A.  and a M.M.A.) his M.M.A. grew and grew and…….grew.  He touched  many people’s lives and they touched his in so many ways that you really do need to see this movie. Remember, NOBODY MAKES IT WITHOUT THESE FOR PARTS WORKING TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY.

I would like to finish by saying that I (and you will also) learn just how to put into place the four parts of success no matter what my or your plot in life is.  Bill was and continues to be a Reflection of what a true human being is…. and maybe even a saint.

I am no ” Ebert and Roeper at the movies” but I truly hope that I have at least inspired you to view this really remarkable movie.  It goes far beyond motivation and inspiration to a true sense of “reflection”. Bill was in the flow of giving and receiving every day. We can not help but reflect inward and see our lives and how we can use Bill’s many examples.

Thank You…..and remember to…..SHINE ON AND SHINE THROUGH !!!

D T M /  J T W

Week 13 – Gratitude Attitude

Let me/us start with a little personal update.  We have had several suggestions to give a little insight into how this process is impacting us.  As most know, we are a husband and wife going through this together.  So having a consensus on the effects of this program for us as a couple are what we strive for.  But that really doesn’t answer that question, how are you doing?

The growing pains are most certainly evident.  More with Jeanna than with Dan.  Dan began his transformation in the Go90Grow class he participated in right before this class. His mind shift had already been begun when we began the Master Key experience.  He has been very good at making sure that we keep the negativity at bay and start each day with giving ourselves permission to be very best each day and keep the positive ever present in our daily minds.

So you ask what about Jeanna?  Well, this has been more of a challenge for her….ok, let’s face it, it is me.  Changing those thoughts has been a struggle.  Each day I give myself permission to succeed, with the help of Dan reminding me.  Going through this has stirred up the old blueprint and as we all know it is hanging on with every thread of it’s ugly being to stay rooted my mindset.  It is being chipped away each moment, including while writing this post.  But it is working!!  Each day, I move closer and closer to that person that I am meant to be.  That concrete is much thicker in some areas but there are definitely those areas where the gold is shining brightly through.

I am finding that the best way for me to make an impact on my Subby is to teach others what I am learning.  What a better way to reinforce it into my Subby than to show others the path.  I WILL keep forging forth and changing that blueprint so that who I truly AM will shine brighter that a thousand rays of the sun on the gold of my inner self.

So, this does bring me/us to this week.  Week 13…..lucky 13……the half-way point.  This is a great week to look at where we are and what has gotten us here.  Where Dan and Jeanna are today are light years from where they were when they first started this journey.  Problem fixing

How true are these words?  A true statement on what power our thoughts have on us.  Mark, the Fab Davene, Trish and Heather remind us of this each and every week.  Actually each and everyday, every reading, every card, every service, every post, etc. is a reminder of how powerful beyond measure that our thoughts are.

This Christmas was another reminder of how grateful we need to be.  There is an overabundance of giving during this time and most of it comes out of excess.  The giving we should be partaking in are the gifts of time, the gifts of our words, the gifts of our thoughts, the things that people no matter who they are can receive from our generous hearts.  We should be ever grateful for the ability to share these with the rest of mankind no matter how much we have or don’t have.  Our gratitude to others is one of the easiest gifts to give but still one of the hardest gifts to give.

Happiness is a choice

The choice truly is ours.  WE are the ones that steer our thoughts in the direction that we want to go.  All the outside influence is just that, outside.  What is inside us is what truly matters.  We are the ones that know who we are truly meant to be.  It is all there, within our reach….As Mark talks about this week, our attitude is what will lead us to that Definite Major Purpose.  The best way to get there is our attitude of gratitude.  Be grateful for everything in our lives.  That positivity will lead us to great things, that positivity forms our thoughts and open the doors to those things that never even imagined were possible, but guess what……WE DO IMAGINE THEY ARE POSSIBLE.  Those new beginnings are there waiting for us and that is where we are headed.

Gratitude - running

This week Dan and I really took inventory of where we are, the snow, the cold, the gray, etc.  These are the circumstances of where our physical beings are, but that is not where our mental beings are.  We have turned our thoughts and actions to the warmth.  The warmth can be here in the snow, by looking at the beauty of it, but that is our choice.  We have to choose the thoughts that even though we may not like our circumstances now, we can change our thoughts, and we do, to make the place we are every day a place that we are grateful for.

Today’s gratitude:

The individuality of each snowflake that falls.
The ability to bring lunch to my husband and his co-workers today.
The warmth of our home on these cold winter nights.

Each day we have that choice, let’s show our gratitude in that choice.

Dan & Jeanna


Week 12 – The HUG

This week it is all about putting yourself into “The Dream”.  Mark emphasizes the concept this week.  Not only in the “7 Laws of the Mind”….ok, test time, who remembers what they are?  Bueller….Bueller…..ANYONE?????

The 7 Laws of the Mind are:

1) Law of Substitution
2) Law of Relaxation
3) Law of Practice
4) Law of Forgiveness
5) Law of Dual Thought
6) Law of Subconscious
7) Law of Growth

We need to remember that the 7 Laws make us a better operator of our mechanism, aka Our Brain!

The past 12 weeks we have been working on “Training our Brain”.  That could almost be a movie title, there was one similar to it “How to Train a Dragon”.  There are times that everything can feel so overwhelming like a big, fire-breathing dragon.  That is where the training comes into play.  We are the “Watchmen at the Gate” when it comes to our Subby and let’s face it, that is what our Brain really is, our Subconscious as a whole.

We need to be ever vigilant on that watch.  The slightest bit of negativity can slip through those cracks of our mind if we are not ever watchful for it.  Those negative thoughts hold on to us until it is our ultimate demise.  BUT…..we are the ones that have ULTIMATE CONTROL over the “N” word.

Ok, slight digression.  As we have heard and pondered on we need to focus on what we want….24/7!  We need to engage our senses to bring this into a true reality.
When we engage our sense, we are activating our Subby to the fullest extent.  Our Subby has no defense against our senses, it brings to the forefront our DREAMS, unfiltered and uninhabited.

Our 5 senses give us a confidence of any experience that we have not yet had.
Here in Wisconsin it is almost Winter, well by the calendar but not by the true weather we have had.  Point being, our senses can bring us through the bleakest of the winter months.  The most powerful of those senses is the sense of smell.  For the sake of argument, let’s think about this for a brief, nanosecond of a moment.  When you close your eyes, put your hands behind your back, put ear plugs in, put something over your mouth so you can’t speak and or taste anything, but you can smell….. think about the season.  Those that believe in Christmas and have a tree in their homes, just sit and close your eyes, ears, mouth and sit on your hands and tell me, what do you smell.   Why yes, it is the pine of the fresh cut Christmas tree.

Our sense of smell is the most POWERFUL sense that we have.  Think about that apple pie, think about the first warm spring breeze, think about walking through a Farmer’s Market on the weekend and envisioning what you are going to make for dinner based on the smells of the late morning crop.  All of these are due to our sense of smell.
Our 5 senses feed our Conscious and our Conscious feeds our SUB-Conscious.  Our Sub-conscious is fed by the 7 Laws.  Full circle….ok, sort of.

Another great example of leveraging the Law of Dual Thought and the Law of Substitution is when a young lady plans and dreams of her wedding day.  When she closes her eyes she can see the exact style of her wedding dress.  She also knows the type of man she will marry.  Where they will live as well as how many children they will have.  Boy guys, the only thing that we can leverage on a Sunday afternoon is how we are going to score that winning touchdown.  And BAM…there it is…the Law of Dual thought and the Law of Substitution in action.

If you remember us saying that we need to be ever vigilant to our Subby, then we need to be ever vigilant to our senses.  These walk hand in hand.

Ok, let’s do the big loop around to the HUG.  We remember…those that were fortunate enough to listen to Sunday’s webinar, heard the FABULOUS Davene talk about Bear Hugs Kettle.  For Davene, this was a game changer, that visual she needed to begin to let go of those negative thoughts.  For us…..IT WAS THE SAME!!!  We all, ok, some more than others, are filled with negative thoughts each and every day.  With each negative thought we have that nanosecond of a moment to figure out how we are going to process that thought.

The thought heard around the world!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe not around the world, but around our mind as a whole.  How are we going to take that in?  Let it go to fly with the wind?  Perfect scenario would send it flying in the winds’ current.


We are holding onto that thought that is burning us.  Not only do we hold onto it but it is burning us deeper and deeper.  Every time we get scared, we hold on even tighter than before.  We hold on to the point that the negative thought paralizes or kills us.  What kind of life is that.  Cold dose of reality….THAT IS NO LIFE!!!

Live it! Love it!  BE IT…..what is IT…..well, that is for you to decide.

Merry Christmas our dear friends and followers.

Dan & Jeanna

Week 11 – The Power of Prayer

WOW, another week that really resonated with us.  So one of the readings that we do is listening to the recording on the way to work every morning.  I will tell you.  When The Fabulous Davene reads Mark 11:24 it always hits me (Jeanna) right in the solar plexus.  So, I am sure those that aren’t a part of our MKMMA course saying….WHAT


Ok, let’s break it down…

Break It Down

Let’s start with Mark 11:24 ~

Mark 11 24

This has been so powerful this week.  At the end of the lesson we are asked to meditate on this statement. Our attainment of enlightenment is always ever elusive.  NOW….let’s have a general understanding that our Faith is our Faith.  The TeamSki Faith is always the focus of everyday.  With that being said, this is a POWERFUL passage.

What we need to remember is and ALWAYS…”whatever you ask for…”  it goes on to each day in prayer.  What is prayer?

Let’s break it down…..”whatever you ask for in prayer”…..ok EVERYDAY we pray.  We may not know that we are praying but we are. Those little thoughts….don’t say this…..I hope that my prospects understands this….”That was a GREAT presentation”….are all little prayers.


Prayers are our thoughts no matter big or small, it is what our heart’s desire is.  FYI…more often than naught, our hearts’ desire is never uttered.  Those are the things that are so big that we are afraid to utter, for what happens when GOD actually brings it into fruition? Do I really need to spell it out for you?  Yes…..well let’s see if this jogs your memory…


GOD is in control of all.  GOD already knows.  GOD is waiting for us to ask.  GOD is our Father and are we ready to drop to our knees and talk with him openly?  That right there is taking us to complete submission.  GOD is asking us to completely give ourselves to HIM.  And what will he give us in return??????

always forever

Let us end with this….what do we all, ULTIMATELY strive for….