Week 18 – The BIG payoff!

5 Simple Steps to a Better Life & a Better YOU!

We’ve done the drills, we’ve learned the skills and now…the payoff is larger than life itself!

for most of us, the past 18 weeks have been filled with doing these 5simple steps daily.  We were told “do the drill”, you will “learn the skill”, and at the end will be your payoff, your “pot of gold” At the end of your rainbow.  Now, for those that stayed true to themselves and to the drill…..well (here is my favorite word…BAM!  No…BAM BAM!!!

we have seen how our lives have changed and changed for the better and forever!  Is it not why we took the Go90Grow course?  And then to top it off decided to take on the MKMMA course as well?  We have learned that by doing these 5 very simple things, we could alter not only our lives, but the lives of our spouse, family and yes, even touch the lives of friend or foe.

So by now, if you are like most people, you are asking the question.  Ok DTM, what are these 5 steps and just how has it changed your life?  What was your big payoff?

Ok, fair question. I think it is best displayed in going through the five steps that my wife and I have done everyday.

1) write out our 3 daily gratitudes

2) write out 1positive sentence from the daily gratitudes so we can put some feeling into it

3) do our daily readings -DMP, Blueprint builder, scrolls,etc

4) do our daily sit


These 5steps have been scientifically proved to change your life.  So here is how my life has changed.

By understanding the Law of Attraction and starting each day with love in my heart.  My life has become much sharper and I am ablue to stay calm during a time of crisis, learn new things faster and retain this new information For my future use.  My relationships that I build are more solid and have a deeper sense of trust (now that is really cool).

Instead of saying why, I now say….why not?

i have divorced myself from my excuses, fears and slothfulness.  I am married to my dreams, goals and most importan, my DMP!

Mahalo for reading, please leave a comment on what your pay off has been.

Keep shining and growing and always remember “I persist, I win”!

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