Week 17 – Your Permission

Permission slip 2

Who remembers the days when you would rush home from school…”Mom, mom…we are going on the coolest field trip EVER….I HAVE to go!!!!  Please, please, PLEASE can you sign my permission slip?????”  We remember the excitement of that moment when Mom signed that permission slip….

WOO HOO  we are going on a NEW adventure!

Let’s take a giant step back.  Our Moms’ GAVE us permission to go try something new.  To go out, explore the world without abandon.  We could decide our level our engagement.  We could pretty much do what we wanted.

WOW…we have been given that control.  Isn’t that what we all want control?  Whether it is control over our day, control over how we are treated, control over where our future is headed….

Truly giving ourselves permission is giving ourselves the pass card to take control.  Society, at least here in the United States, has always controlled our lives.  So what do we always strive for…..the ability to maintain control.  For the majority of us, the majority of society it is to control our destiny.


Hello!!!!  This is the beginning of our wake up call.  Cold hard facts!  Who is truly in control of our permission…we are.  We have always had that control but day after day, week after week, year after year, we all let that control be taken away from us.  How can we, in the United States live like this?  We are the land of the brave and home of the free.  Free what?  If we truly believed that then we would all live our lives with the freedom that we have been afforded.  But we have been suppressed for years, no matter what your you race, gender, creed, social, economic, education, whatever preferences, whatever!  We have been suppressed in that stereotype.  WE are the ones that limit ourselves to those suppressive categories!  WHY?

We ALL need to be willing to let our lights shine!  At birth, we are NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE and we are all given THE world.  However, each moment we take is a moment to second guess what we are given at birth.  Truly, what is that???  What each of us needs to do is embrace and engulf what each of us believes.

So here we are……evaluating…..



So take inventory, what has changed?  Only you will know.  So……will you give yourself permission to move forward in your life?  Are you willing to take on WHATEVER life will bring us?  The answer no matter what should be YES!!!!

When you do your job and do it right, it pays off!  So as my husband says… BAM!  Do the work, do the work, do the wod and do it NOW!!!   End of story.

As we always say….SHINE ON!!!   Let your true inner light shine!!!


6 thoughts on “Week 17 – Your Permission

  1. Isn’t this freeing, realizing that we hold the key to our own happiness and success? That the only person we actually MUST get permission from is wearing our clothes? Thanks so much for this great post!

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