Week 13 – Gratitude Attitude

Let me/us start with a little personal update.  We have had several suggestions to give a little insight into how this process is impacting us.  As most know, we are a husband and wife going through this together.  So having a consensus on the effects of this program for us as a couple are what we strive for.  But that really doesn’t answer that question, how are you doing?

The growing pains are most certainly evident.  More with Jeanna than with Dan.  Dan began his transformation in the Go90Grow class he participated in right before this class. His mind shift had already been begun when we began the Master Key experience.  He has been very good at making sure that we keep the negativity at bay and start each day with giving ourselves permission to be very best each day and keep the positive ever present in our daily minds.

So you ask what about Jeanna?  Well, this has been more of a challenge for her….ok, let’s face it, it is me.  Changing those thoughts has been a struggle.  Each day I give myself permission to succeed, with the help of Dan reminding me.  Going through this has stirred up the old blueprint and as we all know it is hanging on with every thread of it’s ugly being to stay rooted my mindset.  It is being chipped away each moment, including while writing this post.  But it is working!!  Each day, I move closer and closer to that person that I am meant to be.  That concrete is much thicker in some areas but there are definitely those areas where the gold is shining brightly through.

I am finding that the best way for me to make an impact on my Subby is to teach others what I am learning.  What a better way to reinforce it into my Subby than to show others the path.  I WILL keep forging forth and changing that blueprint so that who I truly AM will shine brighter that a thousand rays of the sun on the gold of my inner self.

So, this does bring me/us to this week.  Week 13…..lucky 13……the half-way point.  This is a great week to look at where we are and what has gotten us here.  Where Dan and Jeanna are today are light years from where they were when they first started this journey.  Problem fixing

How true are these words?  A true statement on what power our thoughts have on us.  Mark, the Fab Davene, Trish and Heather remind us of this each and every week.  Actually each and everyday, every reading, every card, every service, every post, etc. is a reminder of how powerful beyond measure that our thoughts are.

This Christmas was another reminder of how grateful we need to be.  There is an overabundance of giving during this time and most of it comes out of excess.  The giving we should be partaking in are the gifts of time, the gifts of our words, the gifts of our thoughts, the things that people no matter who they are can receive from our generous hearts.  We should be ever grateful for the ability to share these with the rest of mankind no matter how much we have or don’t have.  Our gratitude to others is one of the easiest gifts to give but still one of the hardest gifts to give.

Happiness is a choice

The choice truly is ours.  WE are the ones that steer our thoughts in the direction that we want to go.  All the outside influence is just that, outside.  What is inside us is what truly matters.  We are the ones that know who we are truly meant to be.  It is all there, within our reach….As Mark talks about this week, our attitude is what will lead us to that Definite Major Purpose.  The best way to get there is our attitude of gratitude.  Be grateful for everything in our lives.  That positivity will lead us to great things, that positivity forms our thoughts and open the doors to those things that never even imagined were possible, but guess what……WE DO IMAGINE THEY ARE POSSIBLE.  Those new beginnings are there waiting for us and that is where we are headed.

Gratitude - running

This week Dan and I really took inventory of where we are, the snow, the cold, the gray, etc.  These are the circumstances of where our physical beings are, but that is not where our mental beings are.  We have turned our thoughts and actions to the warmth.  The warmth can be here in the snow, by looking at the beauty of it, but that is our choice.  We have to choose the thoughts that even though we may not like our circumstances now, we can change our thoughts, and we do, to make the place we are every day a place that we are grateful for.

Today’s gratitude:

The individuality of each snowflake that falls.
The ability to bring lunch to my husband and his co-workers today.
The warmth of our home on these cold winter nights.

Each day we have that choice, let’s show our gratitude in that choice.

Dan & Jeanna


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