Week 12 – The HUG

This week it is all about putting yourself into “The Dream”.  Mark emphasizes the concept this week.  Not only in the “7 Laws of the Mind”….ok, test time, who remembers what they are?  Bueller….Bueller…..ANYONE?????

The 7 Laws of the Mind are:

1) Law of Substitution
2) Law of Relaxation
3) Law of Practice
4) Law of Forgiveness
5) Law of Dual Thought
6) Law of Subconscious
7) Law of Growth

We need to remember that the 7 Laws make us a better operator of our mechanism, aka Our Brain!

The past 12 weeks we have been working on “Training our Brain”.  That could almost be a movie title, there was one similar to it “How to Train a Dragon”.  There are times that everything can feel so overwhelming like a big, fire-breathing dragon.  That is where the training comes into play.  We are the “Watchmen at the Gate” when it comes to our Subby and let’s face it, that is what our Brain really is, our Subconscious as a whole.

We need to be ever vigilant on that watch.  The slightest bit of negativity can slip through those cracks of our mind if we are not ever watchful for it.  Those negative thoughts hold on to us until it is our ultimate demise.  BUT…..we are the ones that have ULTIMATE CONTROL over the “N” word.

Ok, slight digression.  As we have heard and pondered on we need to focus on what we want….24/7!  We need to engage our senses to bring this into a true reality.
When we engage our sense, we are activating our Subby to the fullest extent.  Our Subby has no defense against our senses, it brings to the forefront our DREAMS, unfiltered and uninhabited.

Our 5 senses give us a confidence of any experience that we have not yet had.
Here in Wisconsin it is almost Winter, well by the calendar but not by the true weather we have had.  Point being, our senses can bring us through the bleakest of the winter months.  The most powerful of those senses is the sense of smell.  For the sake of argument, let’s think about this for a brief, nanosecond of a moment.  When you close your eyes, put your hands behind your back, put ear plugs in, put something over your mouth so you can’t speak and or taste anything, but you can smell….. think about the season.  Those that believe in Christmas and have a tree in their homes, just sit and close your eyes, ears, mouth and sit on your hands and tell me, what do you smell.   Why yes, it is the pine of the fresh cut Christmas tree.

Our sense of smell is the most POWERFUL sense that we have.  Think about that apple pie, think about the first warm spring breeze, think about walking through a Farmer’s Market on the weekend and envisioning what you are going to make for dinner based on the smells of the late morning crop.  All of these are due to our sense of smell.
Our 5 senses feed our Conscious and our Conscious feeds our SUB-Conscious.  Our Sub-conscious is fed by the 7 Laws.  Full circle….ok, sort of.

Another great example of leveraging the Law of Dual Thought and the Law of Substitution is when a young lady plans and dreams of her wedding day.  When she closes her eyes she can see the exact style of her wedding dress.  She also knows the type of man she will marry.  Where they will live as well as how many children they will have.  Boy guys, the only thing that we can leverage on a Sunday afternoon is how we are going to score that winning touchdown.  And BAM…there it is…the Law of Dual thought and the Law of Substitution in action.

If you remember us saying that we need to be ever vigilant to our Subby, then we need to be ever vigilant to our senses.  These walk hand in hand.

Ok, let’s do the big loop around to the HUG.  We remember…those that were fortunate enough to listen to Sunday’s webinar, heard the FABULOUS Davene talk about Bear Hugs Kettle.  For Davene, this was a game changer, that visual she needed to begin to let go of those negative thoughts.  For us…..IT WAS THE SAME!!!  We all, ok, some more than others, are filled with negative thoughts each and every day.  With each negative thought we have that nanosecond of a moment to figure out how we are going to process that thought.

The thought heard around the world!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe not around the world, but around our mind as a whole.  How are we going to take that in?  Let it go to fly with the wind?  Perfect scenario would send it flying in the winds’ current.


We are holding onto that thought that is burning us.  Not only do we hold onto it but it is burning us deeper and deeper.  Every time we get scared, we hold on even tighter than before.  We hold on to the point that the negative thought paralizes or kills us.  What kind of life is that.  Cold dose of reality….THAT IS NO LIFE!!!

Live it! Love it!  BE IT…..what is IT…..well, that is for you to decide.

Merry Christmas our dear friends and followers.

Dan & Jeanna

3 thoughts on “Week 12 – The HUG

  1. Great lesson, but what’s up in YOUR life? How is the course affecting YOU? What have you transformed, broken through? What roadblocks have you and are you running into? Enquiring minds want to know!

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