Week 6 – All you need is LOVE!

WOW what a powerful week.  Talk about taking the blinders off.  It is difficult not to take that magnifying glass out and focus everything on just this.

Magnifying Glass

As Hanaal states in Week 5 “This power is from within; but we cannot receive it unless we give it.”  To look upon this and remember what the greatest commandment is: greatestcommandment

Everything is based on love.  How much are we giving forth?  Do we want more love, then we need to start giving LOVE!!

As we started the next scroll this past week, this was all based on love.

We have been given the “Greatest secret of success” in all ventures.  This “Secret to Success” is mentioned not once, not twice but SEVEN times in our reading of Scroll II this week. We are told that we should make this “Secret” our greatest “weapon”, our “shield”.  There will be no one who will be able to defend against it.  We are to look upon all things with the “secret” .  We are told how to speak of this secret.  We are told how to act with this secret.  We are told how to react to the actions of others with this secret.

This “SECRET to success” that we read about and that we speak about here is…LOVE.


Love you might say, what does love have to do with it (thank you Tina Turner for depicting this so well in song).  Love is the “greatest secret of success” in all ventures.

Well, I would reply, maybe nothing, nothing at all….OR…. maybe love really does hold the secret to our success.  The secret to success is to first love yourself.  By greeting each day with love in your heart, you will be very mindful of all things that enters your mind/body/spirit.  You will be able to cherish ones own mind/body/spirit by carefully examining everything that comes in contract with your mind/body/spirit.  Allowing only the very best and purest  to enter.

Compare how a contractor would build a bridge.  allowing only the best of materials and craftsmanship to be displayed on the construction of his bridge. So the same needs to be done when it comes to allowing anything to enter our mind/body/spirit.  Allow only the best and purest things to enter.

Oh sure, it is easy to love others, but is it really?  How many times this week has someone crossed your path and the thought of loving them first and foremost is normally the furthest thing from your mind?  Each time this week that we had someone that didn’t show love to us it could have been easy to fall back on that old blueprint.  We could have fallen prey to our old reactions, BUT and this is the magical part…..WE DIDN’T!!

You see the moment we wanted to talk down, feed into the negativity that was being thrown our way, we took that moment to close our eyes and say to ourselves…I LOVE YOU!  Not to us but to the person that wanted to pull us back into the vortex. How hard is it to not get sucked back into that but rater to move forward. 

Wizard-of-Oz-tornadoWait, is that a tornado?  Actually a famous tornado at that.  We have been spending a fair amount of time in the movies right now.  Starting out with our movie trailer, then our press release and this week…..THE MOVIE POSTER!!

This movie is a great example of how through our love the journey ahead of us gets brighter and clearer with each step and thought.  Let’s do a quick recap of “The Wizard of Oz”.

There is this farm girl, Dorothy, she gets caught up in a tornado and gets hit on the head taking her into a dream world, HER dream world.  She falls asleep and next thing she knows, she is stepping out into this bright, vibrantly COLORED world.  Why wasn’t everything all black and white a moment ago?

Dorothy stepping out

What a Technicolor world we live in!  isn’t that what love can be for us?  That color that we are so lacking?  The vibrancy of our thoughts and of our actions?  When Dorothy steps out into this world, she encounters all these strange things, munchkins, a good fairy and a wicked witch.  She has a dilemma?  How do I get home?  Well, there was only one way, follow the yellow brick road…..oz3

FOLLOW YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR DREAMS!  This is going to take you to places you have never imaged to be possible.  This people and things you will encounter along this journey will not only help you to love what you have, who you are and where you are going!  wizard of oz

Along this journey, our thoughts take us to new heights.

Emerald City

The most glorious things can happen when we focus our thoughts and continue to love through the process.  We bring those along for the ride helping them to believe in themselves as well.  We believe that love does conquer all.  The more love we give, the more receive in return.  Dorothy gave all the love she knew and it yielded great rewards for her friends…..BRAINS……HEART…..COURAGE.  Then that old blueprint came creeping back in, but what about me.  What she learned in the long run was that these were all things that she needed to overcome and she had them inside her all along.  When she realized this all she wanted to go was go home….There’s no place like home…There’s No Place Like Home….THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Wizard of Oz ending

The trials and tribulations we go through are all but a dream sometimes.  What we need to remember is that we are the ones that are in charge of those actions and outcomes through the power of our thoughts.  If we continue to center them around LOVE then our reality can go from black and white:


to color:


We are going to continue to bring all the color we can into our lives and live by the greatest commandment, no matter what!!

Continue to let your light shine!!

Shine On!!


Dan and Jeanna

3 thoughts on “Week 6 – All you need is LOVE!

  1. I LOVE your blog!! I am a HUGE fan of the Wizard of Oz and have also been using many children’s movies as examples to the lessons being taught/learned! It is the HERO’S JOURNEY that we are seeing/watching/creating!! We are the ‘hero’s’ of our own movie/life…and it is so exciting to learn that only by giving and receiving LOVE will we find our emerald city/HOME… The second scroll has been very powerful for me as well….I have thought while reading…’how can they get any better than this one?’…. Thank you for your analogies… !

  2. Thank you,it was a privilege to read your blog,very powerful! I just love when someone use movies as examples… ‘We believe that love does conquer all.’-beautiful!! Spread the LOVE!!!

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