Week 5…..Obey the Law !!

As we say goodbye to week four, we continue our journey of self discovery in week 5.  We still are completing our daily readings with regards to our “blue print”, our “DMP”, our index cards and our reading of our scroll.

I would like to start this weeks blog by sharing with you one thing that we did change.  Starting with this week 5, we now start to read “scroll #2” of OG Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. It starts like this…..”I will greet this day with love in my heart. For this is the greatest “Secret” of success in all ventures.” WOW!!  is this powerful or what? To start one’s day “Love in your heart” would be a welcomed change from how one usually would start the day. We can’t give “Love” unless we first have “Love” in our hearts. More on “Give more Get More” later on in our blog. ” I Promise ” that when we greet our day with “Love in our hearts, our first cup of coffee will taste much better and not bitter. 🙂

The things that we added to our week 5 are……

1)  An “About Me / Us” page to our blog. This is where you, our reader, can learn more about “us” (Jeanna and Dan, AKA DTM) our likes and a little about our family.  Check us out and please tell us a little about yourselves.  Thank you for doing that for us.  Tomorrow, we will post another page to our blog called our “Press Release”.  Here we are interviewed by a very special person named…..well, I guess you will just have to come back to our blog tomorrow and find out who has interviewed us.  We also added one more service to our “Service Card” (formally our Chore Card).  This added service will help us advance our DMP. Maybe we should post our DMP as well? Anyway, our “service” is to teach our team members the skills that we learned in “GO 90 Grow”. This in turn will help them grow their business.     Give more ……Get More.!!

Ok, enough with those teasers. Here are a few combined reflections for our week 5.

Week 5 starts with our mind in action equals our thoughts. So far so good, right?  Now, our thoughts are creative in nature, therefore using the Law of Association we get; if A=B and B=C then A=C (Geometry 101). If our mind = thought and our thoughts are creative, THEN our mind IS creative by nature.  Our mind is a powerful force; a source of energy.  We already know this, right?  Our mind can shape and control matter.  This is were we get the phrase mind is over matter.



Week 5 also lets us know that 90% of our mental life (our thinking part, and not our crazy part) is subconscious and that those of us who do not know how to use or control this mental power will live our lives with in a very very narrow path  OUCH!!  Who really wants to live like that?  Not me!  Some people have found a way to control and use this power through the changing of their “Blue Print” in life.  We control our subby by controlling our thoughts. Surprised, right?  We first must do a little mental house cleaning each and every day. We simply mean that we need to “Throw out” any and all “Negative Thoughts” that we have. Remember how we are to start our day?  “with LOVE in our hearts”. Keep a PMA, a positive mental attitude. Having love in our heart at the beginning of each day is a great way to rid ourselves of any negative thoughts. Wouldn’t you agree, YES!  Week 5 continues on by saying that our subby will work night and day to find a way to have our needs met. This is why we read our DMP every day with ENTHUSIASUM!!  THOUGHTS THAT FIRE TOGETHER…..WIRE TOGETHER. AMEN!!

Moving on…..in paragraph 16 it states…..”to gain this estate {your DMP} there are only three simple steps that you must do.  Ready for them???  Here they are.  1)  You must earnestly desire it.  (Your DMP).  2)  You must assert your claim to it  (Read your DMP 3x a day).  3)  You must take possession of it  (What You can be You will to be).  Most people, once they see how easy these three steps are get excited and they will obtain their true authentic self.  YES??

The last thing that we would like to reflect upon in week 5 is Emerson’s Law of Compensation. We did not learn about this law in our Geometry 101 class as we learned about the Law of Association as before.  The Law of Compensation states the following – that in our lives, each of us regardless of who we are, is compensated (not only in matters of money), in direct proportion to how each of us has contributed.  We will be compensated not on our time frame, but that time frame set forth by the Universe.  We MUST first give…before we can receive.  Remember how we greeted our day? “with love in our hearts“.  If we want love, we first must give love.  If we want acceptance in life, we first must give acceptance. If we want peace, we first must give peace.  When we give these things away in life, life will return them back to us. This is a truly powerful lesson to learn. Yes?

Remember, GIVE MORE…..GET MORE.  This really does work, give it a try.

Until next week.

Peace be the journey.


Dan and Jeanna

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