Week 4 – 90%

So, week 4…..another smack upside the head.

What were we thinking????

So this week we will start with Jeanna’s reflections:

Ok, this week life got in the way.  PERIOD!

Now, I am not saying that I am quitting 100%, I am saying that the biggest week in my recent history is over and I can now recommit to what I have held near and dear to my heart. Have I missed doing my readings? yes….have I missed my thoughts during my quiet time…YES!!  This has been a week of necessity and a week of withdrawl.

So, starting today, I will work on my work/life balance and re-commit to the habits I have been constructing for the past 3 weeks.  The habit was so close to being cemented into place…..that strong foundation…..and being in the construction/design industry, I relate this to a blip in the overall schedule or a little bubble in the settling of the foundation….I am not letting my momentary life challenge stop me from this over-arching goal, to believe in ME!  To believe in all that I hold near and dear as well as that which I am yet to know.

Dan’s reflection:

My gosh, so much to write about.  From colors to symbols to linking all of this together, this week was one of my best week’s ever.

First off, I would like to say that even though this was a week from hell, I found myself actually finding peace and serenity during my 30 minute sits and reading of my index cards.  This week taught me a lot.

The first thing I would like to share is…..I QUIT…it is ok to quit.  I quit giving…I quit giving 80%.  As this lesson teaches us, it is better not to start something if you are not going finish what you started.  How many areas in our lives can we really apply this to?  I mean, from doing the work in this course to our tasks at work and school, it is so apparent to me now that I must finish 100% of whatever I started in order to develop my good habits.

The next thing I learned (more cement cracking from Buddha) are these simple words spoken so eloquently by our pastor….”The me I see is the me I will be.”  In our busy daily lives we tend to forget to stop and smell the roses (find harmony within).  Once again it is finding that harmony within that we will find harmony without.  When we can stop and give thought to our needs we can change the affect of our world.

We can go from living like Fred and Wilma Flintstone

to living like George and Judy Jetson


we must find harmony with the law of abundance.  When our mind creates negative thoughts or conditions, we subconsciously create those conditions.  We have learned to think positively about the life and circumstances that we want.  We have also learned about different psychological triggers such as the different colors and shapes that we have associated with different services that we have promised to give.  We have promised to give of these services without expectation of repayment.  In order to find harmony within, we must learn to continue using these psychological triggers.  Using these triggers, is part of the mental exercises that we do daily in order to strengthen our harmonious state.  If we want abundance in life, we must be in harmony with the law of abundance.  We must think about the conditions of cause rather than affect.  If we want a different effect, we must think of a different cause.  When we understand that we control the cause rather then the affect, we have come into understanding of the fundamental laws of nature and we have put ourselves in harmony with them.  

Our mind can now create through imagination the conditions that will bring about our abundance.  Repeated thought thus leads to repeated habit.  A repeated habit, becomes automatic.  PPPPP – Persistant Practice Produces Perfect Performance.

We think, we write, we promise, we read, we do…then….we celebrate our accomplishments.

So, here we are, another week in review snl miley weekend update Saturday Night Live Miley Cyrus Review: Another Step in the Right Direction?

3 thoughts on “Week 4 – 90%

  1. Awesome. I love that you both are authentic in your sharing. And Dan, I especially like how succinctly you explain: ” When we understand that we control the cause rather then the affect, we have come into understanding of the fundamental laws of nature and we have put ourselves in harmony with them.” Keep at it, you two! Onward!

  2. I love your transparency and candor in sharing about the time bind that we all sometimes experience. I look forward to hearing in the future about how you’ve programmed in a new reality without the time binds! Remember, all your problems have an expiration date!

  3. Very good lessons here, in order to overcome any issue you first have to accept the fact that the issue exists, then accept the fact that you have owned the issue. then you can change your habits to overcome it… Bravo…

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