Week 3 – Let your light shine

We hope that you have had a moment to read our About me page, in there you will notice that we are a couple going through this journey together.  Last week, when we shared our thoughts on where our paths are being led, each of us had our own reflections.  We really like this format so we are going to keep up with this for a little while.

With that being said, Dan aka DTM (Dan the Man) has the stage…..or the blog in this case.

DTM’s reflection:

We have learned that we have the power to summon from our Solar Plexus the ability to differentiate between Cause & Effect.  Cause = Thought and Effect = Our Life’s Experiences.  In those Life’s Experiences, as Hanaal puts it “Don’t complain about your condition in life for it lies within you to change your condition  Change your condition from within.”  WE are the ones that have the power to change it.  As we learned in week 2, thought is power.  So we have the power or the thought to change what our condition in life is.  By using our “mental resources”, we draw upon our thoughts, our POWER, to change our condition and/or position in life.

Our thoughts will lead us to our actions in our lives.  How often have we sat and thought over and over about a particular situation, event or interaction that we are going to have.  I know more often that not, I have thought about an interaction I was going to have with a person in order to link those thoughts and feelings to what the outcome was going to be.  If we don’t think about it how will we be able to create a harmonious interaction with that person.  It is the same for those burning desires we have in life.  If we don’t think about them, about how we feel when we are there, we are not going to be able to bring about the channels to achieve those desires.

As we continue to mature in our journey, we will need to understand and embrace the fact that as we think (about our desires) we will “be” (the use of our imagination) and we must “be” before we can “do” and we can only “do” to the extent that we are, and what we are currently is what we “think” of.  It is all linked back to our thoughts (cause) which in turn leads to our life’s experiences (effect).  This is a great show of how we are linking each week together, taking our teaching from week 1 and bringing it into week 3 where we can implement it.

Jeanna’s reflection:

I was smacked right between my eyes this week.  How often do I tell myself not to talk about my condition or situation, yet the next thing I do is talk about it to the next person that comes into my path just to get it off my chest.  DUH, what is this doing?  They can’t do anything to change that situation.  I have to…only I can make those changes.  I want to take the easy way out and have someone else offer me the suggestions or thoughts on how I can make that change.  I am giving up my power rather than using my own power, my own thoughts to move forward.

Moving forward is scary.  I mean there is all that unknown.  Like a lot of people, I have that fear of the unknown.  That’s right that F word….FEAR, yes, I said it FEAR.  For too long now, I have let THAT, the ugly FEAR, make my decisions for me.  I have given my power, my thoughts over to that FEAR.  Well, this week there was a significant chunk of cement that tumbled off of me.

Guess what….that significant chunk has lead me to my next smack between my eyes…..my light is starting to shine.  When I read sentence 13 in Hanaal, it was one of those AHA moments.  “…all we have to do is let our light shine; the more energy we can radiate, the more rapidly shall we be enabled to transmute undesirable conditions into pleasure and profit.”  I love the beginning of this “all we have to do is let our light shine”.  That simple, let it shine!  Now, please understand when I read this part it didn’t have quite the impact as when I was listening to the audio of this.  That AHA was most certainly a game changer.

This week, we started a new lifestyle, which starts out with a detox.  We ate nothing but vegetables and fruit for 7 days.  Within 2 days I had gone through the FEAR and thoughts with my old blueprint that this was never going to work.  How can I do this? I had all those thoughts of fear and failure.  Then we had our webinar and I started to realize, I have control over these thoughts.  I am going to get through this.  I need to harness how I was going to think about this.  As usual, we started the new weeks’ readings and I was ready to implement a new thought process.  I thought about where I was at the end of the week.  How was I going to feel after going through this.  Let me tell you, I have overwhelming feelings of accomplishment.  I took that FEAR that I was giving all my power to, smacked IT between the eyes and took the power away from it.  Now I had the POWER and now the fear was no more!  That light was really starting to shine.

I couldn’t help but think about the song “This Little Light of Mine” this week too.  I LOVE to sing.  So most of the week I have had that going through my head or it was actually coming out of my mouth for all to hear.  So I knew I needed to put this in my post.  DTM had the thought about recording me singing it,that was until I found this clip.  Now, I am aging myself a bit, but it is worth it.  I found a clip from “Fresh Prince of Belair”.  There are a couple things that I loved about this that are so reminiscent of letting our light shine.  We so often get that confidence and start letting our light shine and then something happens and it is squelched.  Then we think, ok, lets that light out again….boom, squelched again.  So back and forth, shine, no shine, lights on, lights off.  Then….all of a sudden we have that AHA moment at that light is brilliantly shining, and others want to be apart of that light.  Some are so excited about that light that they grab that tambourine and enhance that light until the whole congregation can’t sit still any longer and they are up dancing in the light.  YOUR LIGHT.  Watch as the light dances through this rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”

All I can say is shine on baby…..SHINE ON!!!

Our reflection:

The power of our thought is awe-inspiring.  Who knew that the little spark of a thought would lead to such great things.  It is in harnessing those thoughts and funneling them into a definite purpose that we grow and change, no matter what our current circumstances.  If we don’t use our thoughts then we will be come stagnant.  We are living beings and we must continue to think, grow and evolve, as a person, as a friend, as a husband, as a wife and as couple, at least for us that is what we need to keep ever present in the forefront of our thoughts.

We can’t wait to see what Week 4 has in-store for us.

Peace be OUR journey!!

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